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Best Luxury Compact Sedan 2015 (Audi A3)

Car Junkie - Best Luxury Compact Sedan 2015. The 2015 Audi A3 is considered as the best luxury compact sedan this year. It has adorable desin both interior and exterior. The current Audi A3 is available in both FWD and AWD drivetrain options. The fuel economy has been claimed at 36 mpg combined for the top trim level. Offering 5 seating capacity the compact A3 becomes a very comfortable family sedan, while its handling performance seems useless to argue. The 2015 Audi A3's MSRP is starting at $29,900 - sounds a friendly cost.

top luxury compact sedan
Audi A3 - best 2015 luxury compact car

The A3 differs from others as a nice-looking compact car. It's abundant features are relatively crafted from top-quality materials and truly qualified for the class. All standard models come with a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine. The turbo goes with a 6-speed automatic transmission joined a front-wheel drive which has generated 170 horsepower. No manual option seems to included to all base variants. While the optional engines reach up to 220 horsepower. The all-wheel drive is also offered on the A3s.

In short, the A3 2.0T stays as prominently pleasant as the 1.8; one which gets much perfect when the temperatures are amiable and the sun is obvious. The back seat stays tight for all generations of people, in fact, your kids will love it a lot. The interior elements including its overall packaging remain notably better than those in many autos of comparable value. Featuring the MMI display which is suitable for all sorts of drivers. There are actually some more comprehensive amenities that are highly refined inside. Aside from its all goodness and cool performance, it's how the little back window and back headrests bargain rearward vision. The 2015 compact Audi A3 is quick and smart that is worth the best luxury compact sedan in 2015.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

4 Best 2015 Full-size Sedans (Top Rated)

Car Junkie - Best 2015 Fullsize Sedans 2015. If you come from a big family, but you have no compatible sense with large cars such as SUVs or trucks, there are no special choices than fullsize sedans. And if you're looking for the best or the top rated full-size sedans, we have made a list of them here. What are they?

1. 2015 Full Size Sedan Chevrolet Impala

best 2015 fullsize sedans
2015 Impala
This fullsize sedan got a bunch of refinements for the current versions. Having remarkable driving offered through its excellent cabin which is suitably adjusted. Each part and each corner is sweetly sculpted in favor of peaceful driving and exceptional handling. Inside you'll find anything what a big-size-sedan addict really wants, proving that the new Impala worth a top full-size sedan in the year. Available in 5 trim levels: LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1LTZ and 2LTZ. The LS variant as the base model costs fittingly $27,060 (MSRP), while to get the top package 2LTZ you have just to spend about $35,000 - very reasonable prices for a full size sedan with complete features. The Chevrolet's OnStar with 4G LTE is included to all standard Impalas.

2. 2015 Full Size Sedan Toyota Avalon

2015 best fullsize sedans
2015 Avalon
 It's not a sin if the full-size car Avalon costs you a pretty penny which starts at $32,285. If there is a guy says that his Avalon is the best fullsize sedan he ever had, he doesn't tell you a lie, because it's ALMOST perfect! Offering stunning exterior style while its interior goodness cannot be overlooked. It's a spacious, comfortable fullsize car provides you countless touring experiences. Available in four trim levels, and for the next-gen Avalon there will be 5 options. The Hybrid version is somewhat competitive as well.

3. 2015 Full Size Sedan Kia Cadenza

top fullsize sedan 2015
2015 Kia Cadenza
The Kia Cadenza might not have strong foothold in accord with handling excellence, and yet this large sedan has its own fingerprint, that is, luxurious! The Cadenza appears in abundant modernized features and handsome styling. Inside, drivers are served with cutting-edge design that presents cheerful atmosphere in driving. The current innovation has even made the Cadenza more preferable for a large sedan rides on a low-vibration engine. Coming with a wide range of outstanding equipment and technology such as Keyless Entry and a Voice Command System, the fullsize Cadenza is priced a bit higher starting at $34,900.

4. 2015 Full Size Sedan Chrysler 300

2015 top rated fullsize sedans
2015 Chrysler 300
For some, the Chrysler 300 is a really stylish fullsize car, yet it sounds not so elegant for others. Whatever it is, the Chyrsler 300 is well-known for its capability as a distinctive mark. Powered by two optional V6 and V8 engines this large sedan generates respectable performance and plentiful features. The interior configuration is not only deliberately crafted, but the materials are truly upscale!

This top-rated full-size car costs you $31,395 for the base, less expensive compared with the Avalon. Those are the 4 best fullsize sedans 2015 we could listed for you to buy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Reviews and Pricing

Car Junkie - 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Reviews. The Mazda MX-5 might not be the best among the class, yet it will always be standing for "fun driving". Receiving some significant changes the MX-5 Miata will lose quite much weight, that automatically makes the car lighter, and the overall body is smaller, too. Featured the Mazda's Skyactive fuel-economy systems to bring the 2016 Miata more reasonable to grab. It stays friendly in prices, stays eye-catching in look, the Miata seems to calmly sit back at the top lines of convertible cars around. The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata stamps just the fourth era of the model in twenty-five years indicates exactly how decisively Mazda's specialists and fashioners nailed the roadster's unique equation. It's likewise a demonstration of the Miata's expansive, persevering offer as a waterfront interstate cruiser, adorable suburbanite or moderate track day exceptional. Mazda updated the cutting edge Miata in almost all parts. The lower engine draws nearer to the core that likely aides attain to the games autos perfect of fifty-fifty front-back weight appropriation. The handling improvements might come from a refined aluminum rear suspension and the weight loss that is over 200 pounds.
2016 MX-5 miata
2016 Mazda MX-5 Picture

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Specs, Changes and Engine

The exterior redesign has less curve makes the Miata looks different from the current version, instead, it defines more the CX-5. The overall length is changed slightly three inches shorter, while the width looks the same. For better handling and visibility, the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata now has 3-inch pulled back windshield as well as a lower hood.

The lower seating placement combined with pulled cabin offer more roomy head space. Drivers will have a new tachometer position that sits flawlessly focused behind the directing wheel - interestingly, the steering wheel comes smaller. Like other latest Mazda cars, the MX-5 Miata's cabin is repackaged with upgraded materials including the navigation modes and advanced personal features.

Offering new powertrain Miata promises to give much better performance and fuel efficiency. The new Miata will ride on a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that boast more capable. It brings out up to 155-hp and 148-lb ft which is lower than the current Miata's engine. All standard MX-5 Miatas will still come in 6-speed manual and the automatic transmission is optional.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Prices

The price tags have just revealed and as we have made a note that they are still reasonably priced. Madza finally announced the costs of all 2016 MX-5 Miata versions. Beginning from the sport models which come as the base variants, to the Miata Launch Editions that offer abundant features. The optional automatic transmission will cost about $1000 and costs the same to all versions. Bellow are the MSRP list of each trim level.

Miata Sport Models - MSRP starting at $25,735

Specs: LED headlights, LED taillights, power door locks, 6-speed manual, USB port, leather shift knob, 16" wheels, cruise control and bluetooth.

Miata Club Models - MSRP starting at $29,420

Specs: front splitter, piano-black mirror-door caps, 9-speaker Bose system, 17" wheels, rear spoiler and 7" touch-screen infotainment mode.

Miata Grand Touring - Msrp starting at $30,885

Specs: heated seats, Homelink garage opener, adaptive headlights, rear cross traffic aid, 17" wheels, climate control, blind spot mirror, lane departure alert and rain sensing windshield wipers.

Miata Launch Edition - Msrp starting at $31,315

Specs: The Launch Edition accompanies a selective tan inside, keyless passage, and each one will comes in soul red color. Whatever remains of the auto's gear coordinates that of the Grand Touring, in spite of the fact that purchasers will be dealt with to a Mazda-marked Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker, and things from Mazda's forthcoming Heritage garments line. Only 1000 Launch Editions will be constructed, and you can arrange one beginning May 5 with a $500 store.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Colors

For color selections the 2016 Miatas are available in Meteor Gray Mica, Jet Black Mica, Sunflower Yellow, Soul Red Metallic, snow Flake White Pearl Mica and Dynamic Blue Mica.

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2016 Prius to Feature All-new Exterior Redesign | Spy Shots

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Prius Redesign. In favor of offering more options for 2016 Toyota's lineup, Toyota is now also working on the Prius drafting board that will show up with a number of changes from bottom to top as well as the interior and exterior packaging. The upcoming 2016 Prius, as Toyota says, will receive most lessons on exterior refinements in the interest of all-new redesign, though the internal elements won't be overlooked and stays just-like-that. In short, the 2016 Toyota Prius is really moving towards its new fans including doubters.

Will 2016 Toyota Prius Redesign exceed 56 MPG combined under its new platform? While the news says that Prius will have a new battery pack, it simply drives more potential!

The fourth-generation Toyota Prius, as claimed, will have a new lower-center chassis which boasts on much better driving control. That sort of chassis is going to hold up the forthcoming Corolla and Camry. With refreshed exterior packaging and a lower hood Toyota claims the next-gen Prius will offer abundant improvements in terms of handling as so cutting-edge safety features and entertainment.

The Spy shot shows different component packs and the new dash heading with simpler gauges giving somehow a copy-book glance. The image also demonstrates the tape is sculpted in less well-organized, likely makes drivers a bit hard to reflect where the route moves. Aside from its potential lacks, the officials has made a promise for plenty surprises of improvements. In total, we would not surely be a Mr. know-it-all in advance of the real 2016 Prius peeps out.

The 1.8L 4-cylinder combined with minor electrics has relatively provided fine reliability and performance, regardless of that accomplishment we would definitely expect more. The automaker likely to put a new battery pack that gives more range with the today's nickel-metal hydride remains. Toyota sets a target on the 2016 Prius to improve the fuel economy up to 10 percent, as we know that Toyota has put that target upon every Toyota Prius's generation - the current Prius Hybrid averagely holds up 50mpg combined. It means with 10-percent upswing, the 2016 model will likely run into 55mpg. Meanwhile, Toyota will be offering new plug-in hybrids as well.

2016 toyota prius plug in hybrid
Credit: KGP Photography - 2016 Toyota Prius Spy

2016 toyota prius changes
Credit: KGP Photography - 2016 Toyota Prius pictures

The fourth-gen Toyota Prius is is scheduled to debut sometime this year, presumably at the end of 2015 - and then firstly goes on sales just at the beginning of 2016. For more updates on the pricing (MSRP), detail changes, specifications and a new battery pack (if true), please keep visiting our blog.

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6 Best 2015 Midsize Sedans with AWD, FWD and RWD

Car Junkie - Best 2015 Midsize Sedans - 2016 Dealing with abundant midsize sedan choices around along 2015, it's obviously complex to pick and put into the line of the best 2015 midsize sedans to buy, which ones should be include, and other options have sadly to be ruled out. But we do hope all would accept how it goes since this summary was taken from the most trusted resources. There is actually plenty stuff to consider - which is mainly according to pricing and performance. To become the best or the top, a midsize sedan must cover lots of things, it might be affordable under particular budget.

More specifically, the different preferences might happen along optional transmission whether automatic or manual - and outstanding hybrids playing around in the mid-size segment. As well as the drive systems starting from all-wheel drive (AWD) or 4-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive (FWD) units. Our list simply covers new cars only, so any used mid size sedans won't be included. And the following sedan cars we have collected will be put as the best midsize sedans to buy in 2015, specially in America and Canada based on consumer reports.

1) 2015 Ford Fusion

The Fusion as 2015 model year is well known for its impressive performance and appearance. It's so elegant and so gorgeous by taking a look at the body shape as well as the elements compiled. As far as we know this mid-size sedan's fans are impressively growing from time to time. Offering unlimited trim levels; ranging from front-wheel to all-wheel drive options, including the Ford Fusion Hybrids that are available in two models - the Ford Fusion can obviously reach consumers in almost all circles if we come to budget. The more precious mark might be that the Ford Fusion is becoming one of the most preferable 4-door midsize sedans under $25,000 today.

best midsize sedan mpg
best midsize sedan cars

MSRP: $22,010
MPG  : 22/city 34/hwy (standard) -  44/city 41/hwy (Hybrid)

2) 2015 Honda Accord

It's been for years Honda Accord leading the mid-size sedan markets, and still holding on through the tight stage. Honda Accord, particularly, provides nearly perfect performance in all parts - giving out creditable handling with easy-to-use tech features the Honda Accord is truly worth best 2015 mid size sedan. Not spot right there, the Accord Hybrid itself has turned to the victor, specifically, dealing with fuel efficiency over its reliable 4- and 6-cylinder engines. Honda Accord plug-in hybrid model is available as well.

best midsize sedan awd
best midsize sedan hybrid

MSRP: $22,105
MPG : 27/city 36/hwy

3) 2015 Mazda 6

For some people, or might be more common, when they they think of a mid-size sedan with sweetest styling what jumps into mind is likely the Mazda 6. Indeed, the car has a very competitive exterior outlook, anything comes is just gathers in an adorable layout. As becomes the best Mazda 6 doesn't merely offer beauty, in fact, it serves you over excellent driving controls which are always capable in nearly all circumstances.

best small sedan to buy
best affordable midsize sedan

MSRP: $21,190
MPG  : 28/city 40/hwy

4) 2015 Nissan Altima

Well, it sounds useless to put any reasons why the Nissan Altima should be one of the best four-door sedans. It's easy to point the key answer out as the 2015 Altima is already standing in the lineup of the 2015 best-selling cars in the U.S. Serving splendid driving experiences with comfortable, handy treats inside. There is no compromise for fuel economy as well as capability.

best midsize sedan consumer reports
best mid size sedan in America

MSRP: $22,300
MPG : 27/city 38/hwy

5) 2015 Hyundai Sonata

If you have never driven this midsize sedan, or already with the old one, but pretty unsatisfied on a certain part or more, you should make a try with the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata. It's received abundant refinements and of course, fully redesigned. It has given out an impression to many owners since lots of new features and equipment offered. It's a roomy, convenient midsize sedan around with remarkable capability. One word to end is, "Charming".

best midsize sedan comparison
best midsize sedan under $25,000

MSRP: 21,150
MPG : 28/city 38/hwy

6) 2015 Toyota Camry

And again we are facing one of the best-selling midsize sedan, and practically, taking place for years. The car becomes (more) best in accord with 2015 redesign as it should be. The current models even make a big offer in conjunction with comprehensive changes received. Upgraded suspension, refined packaging and imperatively high-class materials sculpted alongside the interior. That's what should to consider from the Camry as the best driving midsize sedan.

edmunds car and driver
best midsize sedan Canada

MSRP: 22,970
MPG  : 25/city 35/hwy

New 2016 Chevy Silverado Debuts (Spy Shots)

Car Junkie - 2016 Chevy Silverado Review. The Chevrolet Silverado was just redesigned a year back; well, "rumors" constantly say there will be 2016 Silverado to debut right this year - but wait it's, once again, a rumor! While we already have a few spy shots of the new Silverado stealing from a neighbor. I'd surely be afraid if this talk becomes useless, trifling, or a shake-it-off stuff. For that reason, we still have likehood to guess and make a couple predictions in the most sensible way. If it doesn't debut as a 2016 model year, we state the Silverado will be in 2017, sounds more reasonable.

What else do we expect from refreshed grille, new head- and tail lights, more dashing interior adjustment including up-to-date technological features and equipment, also improved fuel economy? That kind of hope is likely happening once the muscular pickup lands, more or less.
2016 chevy silverado changes
Credit: Car and Driver - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Spied Photos

Moving down under the hood we have found there have been two optional engines: a 4.3L V6 generated 18 mpg/city 24 mpg/highway and a bigger one 5.3L V8 which has put out 16 mpg/city 23 mpg/highway. The question must be, will GM include its 6.2L V8 to the next-generation Silverado? And goes on remaining the smaller V6? That's one of the biggest news we should have eagerly expected from. While according to the source that the new Chevy Silverado might debut late this year becoming the last turn among Chevrolet's 2016-redesigned car queue. When it comes to a further guess or just an expect of growing the trim levels, we hardly have no idea yet. The current 1500 models ranging from 1WT, 2WT, LT, LT Z71, LTZ Z71 to High Country.

Friday, April 17, 2015

2016 Toyota Avalon Redesign

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Avalon Redesign. The latest redesigned Toyota Avalon has owned its precious marks since the car firstly debuted in 2012 as the 2013 model year, with valuable changes and refinements. In fact, the 2013 Avalon redesign has been impressing because the engineers put the car onto a nearly-prefect full-size sedan - it's a big change! While the 2016 Toyota Avalon redesign; we guess, slight or much, will offer more upgrades. And it has been seen by debuting at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show a couple weeks back - so sexy and imperatively impressive.

More interestingly, for 2016 trim levels, the new 2016 Avalon redesign upgrades to 5 options: Avalon XLE, Avalon XLE Plus, Avalon XLE Premium and Avalon Limited. The 7-inch display Entune Audio Mode is available on all 2016 standard Avalons. Also, chiefly more features are put into the XLE premium level, while for Touring and Limited options will have more optional features both safety and entertainment, including new 18" wheels. The outstanding security systems such as forward collision alert, lane departure alert including an adaptive cruise control will be available, too.

2016 avalon
Toyota Avalon stepped into more preferable full-size sedan over its 2016 redesign.

For 2016 model year redesign, the Avalon's grille is bigger than the ongoing versions. The headlights are somewhat redesigned with a bit changes, conversely, its fog lights are shaken off in order to create fresh turn indicators. Specially for the Touring versions, Toyota will include double-wing LED running lights. Turning to the back section, all new 2016 Avalon versions will have new chrome bumpers as well as new tail lights.

In the interest of interior refinements, the 2016 Avalon's cabin is redesigned in a sharper line supported with cutting-edge technological systems. Its comfortable seating array, as Toyota confirmed, is keep going so is the reliable handling performance.

Toyota seems likely to remain the two optional powertrains: a 3.5L V6 with 268 horsepower providing a strong power, and 200-hp Hybrid that offers the EPA combined rate of 40 mpg, with all drive units, the car can go up to 60 miles per hour in averagely less than 8 seconds. So what thoughts would you put on this big mouth sedan for 2016 Toyota Avalon redesign over those changes?

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2016 Audi S7 Changes, Specs and Price (MSRP)

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi S7 Changes. The new Audi S7 defines fighting styling and respectable handling performance. Its frame changes come so sporty and so powerful with its stretched single-frame grille on each inch of Audi S7, though looks the same as the current model. The S7 performance is much improved on its driving control featuring an adaptive air suspension to deliver impressive steering. Still utilizing its Ultra Lightweight technology in chassis and body construction, the 2016 model year won't receive additional weight. It's sturdy, high-quality materials but obviously light, providing shorter distance in braking and ensuring the engine keeps in speedy acceleration.

audi s7 specs
2016 Audi S7 review

The overall body length will be 195.6 inches with 114.7-inch wheelbase, while the new A7 appears in 55.9-inch height. The changes in front, you'll find the new Audi S7 has new headlight accents with the splitter is also got a new shape, as well as the tail lights are refreshed. Anything comes bellow the hood and the rear front will be new - including an updated trapezoidal exhaust. Inside, the MMI technology seems to receive much upgrades, starting at the LCD displaying style and its utility as well.

Interior Changes - A corner-view camera helps drivers in parking safer, while a very useful night-vision camera will always give an assist particularly in dark situations with its infrared sensor that immediately responds once the car detects pedestrians or anything else in front. The head-up display mode is equally useful to keep an eye on the car speed. Other safety features include the stop-and-go Audi adaptive cruise control, Audi side assist to aid drivers in blind spots, and also the Audi lane assist to keep the car in its track. 

audi s7 price
2016 Audi S7 interior

 More Reviews on Audi: 2016 Q7 is offering a lighter body | A7 gets its performance upgraded for 2016.

Engine Specs and Pricing - The 2016 Audi S7 will be powered by an V8 TFSI turbocharged engine which produces up to 450 horsepower and boots faster acceleration. The warranty offers 4-year/50k miles, and 12-month/5k miles for maintenance. To deal with its transmission the 2016 S7 will offer optional 7-speed auto-manual and auto-shift manual s/OD. The 2016 Audi S7 price (MSRP) starts at $82,900.

2016 Chevy Malibu Hybrid to Warn Accord Hybrid

Car Junkie - 2016 Malibu Hybrid Fuel Economy. As a fellow of the all-new 2016 Malibu redesign 2016 Malibu Hybrid is likely going to make a surprise, if, its upgrades materialized. What we can spot to the current Malibu Hybrid's EPA ratings are simply stuck in 25 mpg/city 37/hwy - and that's the key point to improve. Chevrolet put a hope to its new Hybrid version to reach around 48 mpg/city 45/hwy, and 47 in compound despite it's unverified yet. Interestingly, if that refinement really becomes true, the 2016 Hybrid from Chevy will set up a new stage in the mid-size Hybrid segment - in which other players like Camry, Fusion and Sonata should be concerned.

2016 chevy malibu
2016 Malibu review

The 2016 Malibu Hybrid is said to adopt 1.8L 4-cylinder direct-injection to join the Volt's slightly modified double-motor as the new drivetrain. It's estimated to generate 182-hp if both engines go conjunctly. Also, the next-generation Malibu Hybrid will feature a new EGHR (Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery) technology to help the engine during warming-up by effectively heating the cabin faster, especially in cold weather. The system is engineered to keep the fuel consumption more stable as well.

For the battery pack Malibu is likely to adopt a 80-cell (1.5-kWh) lithium ion. The battery pack, as its Hybrid power, approximately can hit up to 88 kilometers per hour or 55 mph going independently with the electric power. While the gasoline engine mechanically offers a higher speed.

Cutting up to 300 pounds down the 2016 Chevy Malibu is surely lighter than the current versions. The body size, however, is interestingly longer. Chevy has decided to repackage the Malibu's body structure, specially on the rear parts by adding more legroom for passengers as the significant changes.

2016 chevrolet malibu
2016 Malibu battery

It's kind of smart to assume that Chevrolet is actually pointing to the Accord Hybrid to bring in its Malibu Hybrid onto a head-to-head board - and it will be really happening if all of Chevy's numeral projections come into being. After all, new homework for the company might be how to drive buyers spontaneously think of its Malibu Hybrid. The car is scheduled to go on sale sometime this year and we now have just to wait for EPA's word and finally the pricing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2016 Chevy Malibu Redesign to Offer BIG Changes

Car Junkie - 2016 Chevy Malibu Redesign. It's a fully headmost re-engineered Malibu to be landing here expressing its distinctive style. The entirely redesigned Malibu is nothing but a masterpiece. Today's cars mean  "zero" without stylish look, and fresh abundant specs are everything, too.

The 2016 Chevy Malibu is estimated to generate alluring fuel efficiency at 37 MPG/highway, while the Malibu Hybrid seems to received a bunch of refinements aimed to jack up at roughly 48 MPG/highway. Adopting revolutionary OnStar Technology in the matter of safety features in handy systems. That equipment established to the Malibu redesign will technically help drivers keep any potential crashes away while operating their Malibu in comfort.

2016 chevy malibu reviews
2016 Chevy Malibu goes on its respectable specs

2016 Chevy Malibu Redesign Serves more Features

Those valuable key modes would be a Lane Keep Assist that has its principal utility to give an alert once you lose your lane and the LKA will practically aid you to get back on the right track, a Rear Cross Traffic Alert which owns radar sensors functionating to keep an eye on the back traffic with its rear-vision camera and immediately you hold the full control to back out properly, and another vital amenity is a Forward Collision Alert give you an aid in terms of facing any kinds of collisions that come anytime and anywhere you're driving on. More importantly is the new Malibu's Teen Driver Technology dedicated to your drivers in improving their driving habits. What great from this system is building awareness among teens as well as facilitating parents to more trippingly control their kids. Shifting to entertainment you will be served by the Chevrolet MyLink through its available 4G LTE WiFi as personal features.

Now let's back to the few past years. Starting from 2013 where the re-engineered Malibu was satisfied less. It came in a relatively uninviting scheme seen on the rear seating arrangement that had a lack of dashing style compared to its rivals such as the Ford Fusion which appeared in an almost perfect packaging. Another tight competitor might be the Hyunday Sonata that performed cool designs as well. Just right last year Malibu was slightly restyled but, it didn't cure - anyone still closed eyes. Chevrolet does what they has to, and this year is the turn to jack the Malibu up. It's now sporty, aggressive mid-size sedan with new engines, new designs and new expected marks.

2016 chevy malibu interior
The ninth-generation Chevy Malibu stands up straight on true rendering

2016 Chevy Malibu Redesign is a BIG Change

Current mid-size sedans truly need unavoidable clamor and the ninth-generation Malibu is supposed to choke up the demand. Not only fans, but also there neighbors should be setting eyes on the car, while there is no exception for Toyota Camry or Kia Optima to take minds off. The all-new Malibu is now offering inscrutable countenance with really crisp dimension. Its elegant roofline combined with sullen head- and tail lights energetically appear handsome and so sweet. The Chevy decided to stretch the body length applying to the wheelbase that is now 3.6-inch longer.

More interestingly, the new wheelbase is compiled under the GM's E2 front-drive groundwork which boasts on weight loss to drive the performance up. Chevrolet also stated that the 2016 Malibu is going to lose roughly 300 pounds. While its width keeps the same, just the cowl and the hood are a bit dropped down to commit in slender. As we have underlined at the beginning on its backward seating, presently is improved by giving more space to the rear passengers' legroom. These surprising Malibu changes will definitely bury the red mark from the old.

Chevy Malibu
2016 Chevy Malibu Redesign

chevrolet malibu
2016 Chevy Malibu redesign

chevy malibu hybrid
2016 Chevy Malibu redesign

2016 Chevy Malibu redesign

all new malibu
2016 Chevy Malibu redesign

Tags: Chevy Malibu hybrid, Chevy Malibu SS, Chevy Malibu LTZ.

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2016 Lexus RX Specs | RX 350, RX 450h

Car Junkie - 2016 Lexus RX Specs. The Lexus RX as we know was firstly introduced over two decades ago which started the RX 300 model. It's up to now still the whizzbang product for Lexus settling at the luxury-crossover class, and now it's about to come back in fully redesigned. As the best-selling version the Lexus RX has given true pleasure to the company for over one hundred thousand units sold out. While the Lexus ES sedan is also completely challenging in terms of the selling.

The all-new 2016 Lexus RX is fully redesigned relying on high-tech features and enhanced performance, finally the car to present rich specs. Let's see how the 2016 Lexus RX' specs get refined. See its competitor: Acura MDX is ready to debut as 2016 model.

2016 Lexus RX Redesign

In regard to 2016 Lexus RX concept, Takayuki, the Lexus's chief engineer revealed that the automaker has set to rebring the RX with a completely fresh pattern joining technology refinements - its value surely keeps going. It comes in aggressiveness instead of loveliness; adopting bigger grille, floating roof and L-shaped lighting schemes. The overall length, height and width, including wheelbase, are extended to some inches. It means the next-generation Lexus RX is dimensionally larger than the current RX. Its aggressive look can be seen from all sides; beginning from the front which appears real sporty to the rear end that gives a completely dynamic, sharper character. The 2016 Lexus RX interior enhancements come into sight through splendid cabin composed of clinking components. Drivers will have more space gaining from the sensible arranged lever. Backmost passengers are served with spacious leg space. All of these "RX changes" will help owners gain more comfort and enjoyment on the ride.

2016 lexus rx
Lexus RX in blue color
 New RXs truly bring a much fresh appearance.

2016 Lexus RX Engine and performance

The fourth-generation Lexus RX will offer 3.5L V direct-injection V6 engine connected to a new 8-speed automatic  transmission that is expected to generate 300 horsepower.  The officials promise in regard to mending fuel efficiency as a key part of priority. When it goes to handling performance, the new Lexus RX will definitely serve optimally. The body scheme provides rigidity to reduce noise in the cabin and to create impressive handling response. For the first time Lexus RXs will feature a new AVS (adaptive variable suspension); functions to keep track of steering in all circumstances.

2016 lexus rx
all-new 2016 RX engine and technology
The 8-speed automatic makes no compromise to acceleration and reliability.

2016 Lexus RX Features

Lexus seems to always accentuate safety importance across its all vehicles. The Lexus Safety System+ has come as a big portion of improvements regarding driving security to prevent collisions over various traffic situations. That system includes a couple of key safety features such as LDA (lane departure warning), PCS (pre-collision system), AHB (automatic high beam and the like.

2016 lexus rx
Lexus RX serves unbeatable comfort
Nothing more worth than safe pledge, all advanced features are available to adjust your needs.

2016 Lexus RX 350 Specs

  • Full length: 192.5 inches 
  • Full Width: 74.6 inches   
  • Full Height: 66.5 inches  
  • Wheelbase: 109.8 inches 
  • Front Tread: 64.6 inches  
  • Rear Tread: 64.2 inches   
  • Wheels: 18/20 inches      
  • Tires: 18/20 inches          

2016 RX 450h Specs

  • Full length: 192.5 inches
  • Full Width: 74.6 inches
  • Full Height: 66.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 109.8 inches
  • Front Tread: 64.6 inches
  • Rear Tread: 64.2 inches
  • Wheels: 18/20 inches
  • Tires: 18/20 inches

2016 Lexus RX Price (MSRP) and Release Date

On April 1, the all-new Lexus RX has debuted at New York International Auto Show and will finally go on sale in late 2015. There is still no official source revealed concerning the MSRP, but we expect it won't stray away from the current RXs. It's estimated to start at $46.000 for the base.

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5 Best 2016 Compact Sedan Reviews, Comparison and Rankings

Car Junkie - 2016 Compact Sedan Reviews, Comparison by Rankings. Sedans are handy carriers for millions of humans on the grounds that its goodness has been serving for years and conveying an extensive variety of pleasantness. Ranging from compact to full-size sedans, each one has its own fans who are always begging for refreshed models from time to time. First we'll get started our review for some best compact sedans there available in 2016 based on their rankings. There won't be comparison details except a brief list. So if you're looking for more better resources in terms of comparison, you can visit Edmunds or Car and Driver website to get the complete information - or another best site such as the Consumer Reports.

Best 2016 Compact Sedan Review, Comparison and Rankings

1. 2016 Ford Focus

2016 best american compact sedan
Ford Focus: best compact sedan 2016
It's a real compact sedan presenting a wide range of refinements and upgrades. The 2016 Ford Focus comes to serve family travelers through much improved interior arrangements including the overall packaging that make the car as a respectable sedan for both buyers and its rivals. A new turbocharged 3-cylinder offers a true fuel efficiency, while the Focus's driving control systems received significant improvements. This 5-passenger sedan appears in both sedan and hatchback as optional styles

Available Models: S Sedan, SE Sedan, SE Hatchback, Titanum Sedan, Titanum Hatchback, ST, Electric
MSRP                  : $17,170 - $29,170
MPG                    : 26/city 36/hwy - 110/city 99/hwy
Seating Capacity: 5
Engine                 : 2.0L Ti-VCT Direct-injection I-4 with Flex Fuel Capable, 2.0L High-output EcoBoost, 107 kW electric
Transmission      : 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual/automatic
Horsepower        : 160 - 252
Torque                 : 146 - 270
Fuel Distribution: Direct Injection
Key Features       : SYNC with MyFord Touch, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane-Keeping System, Active Park Assist, Reverse Sensing System, Rearview Camera, Intelligent Access with push-button start, Double Smart Charging USB, MyKey, 240V Home Charging Station, MyFord Mobile App, etc.

2. 2016 Honda Civic Sedan

2016 best in class compact sedan
Honda Civic: best compact sedans consumer repors

Despite Civic's renown of its reputation has been tossing and turning, but many raters have laid 2016 Civic down as one of the best compact sedans to buy in 2016.
Bringing current advanced features, especially safety systems, is a big matter for the company as they constantly boast on security priority served by each of their cars. Indeed, by the IIHS, Civic has awarded "2016 Top Safety Pick". That's including one big reason why many officials conveyed the Civic as one of the most recommended compact sedan to buy this year.

Available Models: LX, SE, EX, EX-L
MSRP                  : $18,490 - $22,840
MPG                    : 30/city 39/hwy
Seating Capacity: 5
Engine                 : In-line 4-cylinder
Horsepower        : 143
Torque                 : 129
Transmissions     : 5-speed manual, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Key Features       : ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), Brake Assist, Rearview Camera with Guidelines/Dynamic Guidelines, Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines (EX-L only), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), DRL (Daytime Running Lights), and more.

3. 2016 Mazda 3

2016 best compact sedan canada
Mazda 3: best compact sedan to buy

This one also deserves a degree as the best economy sedan. The 2016 model year, in fact, is upgraded even offers an exceptional fuel-efficient improvement. As far as available compact sedans flooding the U.S. market, Mazda 3 has everything in terms of interior materials, honorable handling and remarkable driving control including personal amenities. For 2016 versions, surprisingly, are featured with MAZDA UNLIMITED.
Available Models: GX, GS, GT
Engine                 : 2.0L DOHC 4-cylinder, 2.5L DOHC 4-cylinder
Horsepower        : 155 - 184
Torque                 : 150 - 185
Fuel Distribution: Direct Injection
Seating Capacity: 5
Key Features       : Dual-zone automatic climate controls, Steering-wheel-mounted cruise controls, Day/night rear-view mirror, Auto-dimming rear-view mirror with HomeLink, Push Button Start, Dual front air bags, dual front side air bags and dual side air curtains, Engine immobilizer theft-deterrent system, Anti-theft alarm system, Whiplash-reducing front seat headrests, Integrated rear seat headrests, 3-point safety belts, BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring system), RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert), LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), SCBS (Smart City Brake Support), Integrated child-seat anchors, etc.

4. 2016 KIA Forte

2016 best affordable compact sedan
KIA Forte: best affordable compact sedan

The big notice for this compact sedan must be its extended car warranty and for the 2016 model year Kia Forte there are more high-tech features offered. It's roomy and attractively compiled - truly complementing the needs of classic-styled sedan, while its improved fuel efficiency practically brings KIA Forte as one of the best economy compact sedans. 2016 Forte also boats about cutting-edge lighting systems and packaging which perform a much more agressive look. Furthermore, this 4-door compact sedan offers 3 optional engines combined with either 6-speed automatic or manual transmission to reflect on cosumers' preferences.
Available Models: LX, EX, SX
Seating Capacity: 4
MSRP                  : $15,995 - $26,995
Engine                 : 1.8L DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, 2.0L DHOC In-line 4-cylinder
Horsepower        : 145 - 173
Torque                 : 130 - 154
Transmission      : 6-speed automatic/manual
Key Features      : Chrome waistline molding, Cloth seats, 17-inch machined-finish alloy wheels, Leather steering wheel, Leather shift knob, Split-chrome outside door, Auto-dimming rearview mirror, Auto folding outside mirrors, UVO infotainment system, Rear view camera, LED positioning lamps, Rear center armrest with cup holders, Auto light control, Supervision cluster, etc.

5. 2016 Volkswagen Golf

2016 best compact sedans consumer reports
Volkswagen Golf: best American compact sedan

Receiving fewer changes for 2016 stage, however, the Volkswagen Golf keeps preserving its keen fans over redoubtable handling as well as charming interior elements.

Proving strong acceleration including real fuel efficiency over its 1.8L turbocharged and 2.0 TDI clean diesel engine has relatively met a standard compact sedan with friendly prices. The 2016 Golf has indeed awarded the 2016 Car of the Year by Motor Trend based on innovative styling and versatility.

Engine : 1.8L 2-cylinder, 1.8L 4-cylinder, 2.0L TDI Clean-diesel 4-cylinder
MSRP : $17,995 - $22,345
Horsepower: 150 - 170
MPG : 25/city 37/hwy, 30/city/45/hwy
Key Features : 7-active stability-enhancing, systems, Intelligent Crash Response System, Crash-optimized front end, Adaptive airbags, No-charge scheduled maintenance8, VW Car-Net connected car features, Touchscreen sound system, V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces, etc.

2016 Volkswagen Golf is the last of our best 2016 compact sedan list, now your turn to make up you mind.

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New Honda Civic Type R NOT to Come as 2016 Model Year

Car Junkie - 2016 Honda Civic Type R. After you guys in ages waiting for the new Honda Civic Type R to come down, here is the end. I didn't say it's a happy ending for you, though. 2016 Honda Civic sedan version has debuted at New York Auto Show and as the officials promised that other models, including the Type R, will follow thereafter with no exact time stated.

Honda has confirmed that the Honda Civic Type R will eventually release to land in the United States as an American-spec Civic Type R. Although the sedan model has scheduled to go on sale in late 2015, yet we haven't yet relieved over unspecified Type R's turn to arrive.

honda civic type r
Honda Civic Type R USA

John Mandel said it could be a 2018 model year even though he expects different as well. Madel even joked, "You couldn't say Honda never listened, but we barely noticed."

It may, or may not the new US-market Civic Type R appear with a significant difference from its European version. But it most likely not, since Honda said the five-door Type R (European market) has been their job. Another big statement from Mandel was, "You are looking at the same concept which the Honda Civic Type R has been." John Mandel also explained that in terms of global market there is nothing but standard requirements to build a vehicle to meet. After all we do expect it would bring higher standards.

Officials wouldn't start a discussion concerning estimated prices. If you won't get more pain begging for the Type R, Honda is ready to offer the 2016 Civic sedan as the 10th generation. The car is powered by a new 1.5L VTEC and the automaker claimed that it comes as the higher trim levels.

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2016 Honda Pilot Specs and Features [Review]

Car Junkie - 2016 Honda Pilot Specs and Features. Honda Pilot is moving towards its third phase as 2016 model year. The same as 2016 Civic Super Sedan, Honda Pilot will come in all-new redesign. It boasts on increased efficiency and advanced features. The third-generation Pilot crossover is also refreshed with chic interior elements. Debuted the late spring, 2016 Pilot showed off a splendid composition in impressive packaging. With new powertrain Pilot should be more powerful.

2016 honda pilot debut
All-new 2016 Honda Pilot redesign

2016 Honda Pilot Specs

2016 Honda Pilot is powered by a new 3.5L V6 with direct-injection VTEC model which has generated significant power and performance. Despite it's still going in the same version, but Honda promises for better and higher performance. The current V6 has brought out 250 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque, while the new Pilot is expected to generate over 300-hp and 260 lb-ft. It adopts a new 9-speed automatic transmission (upper trims) as a new wheel-drive system, combined with weight reduction is applied to boost excellence. While the standard version will likely come in 6-speed transmission. More spacious room for 8 passengers is carefully re-modified and yet still appears in a slender shape. It's constructed on a new chassis which gives about 3-to-4" extended length and generates wider rear seats. That style of chassis has also been implemented in the 2016 Acura MDX concept.

2016 honda pilot engine
2016 Honda Pilot engine produces excellent horsepower

2016 Honda Pilot Features

Sadly, the third-generation Pilot will be left-behind in terms of current technologies for both safety and personal features. Honda seems not to guarantee the new Pilot will feature trending amenities like lane keeping aid, adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert and even a lane departure warning. Aside from its lacks, the 2016 Pilot will still offer refined interior arrangements oriented in a more attractive design with upscale materials.

As we have noticed at the beginning, the longer new chassis should refine the rear seats to be more acceptable for a crossover. Its low-mounted seats provides more space for passengers' legs. New stuff Pilot offers is a captain-seating style in the middle-row seats.

2016 honda pilot features
2016 Honda Pilot interior picture: looks much better

2016 Honda Pilot Price

The all-new Pilot will go on sale this summer with a bit higher starting cost. The current-version Pilot is valued $37,850 for the base model. With fresh arrangements and refined equipment the 2016 Pilot price is worth to go up.


It's a bit hard to make comparison details among crossovers for its abundant options. The Dodge Durango owns its cool towing capacity, while Mazda CX-9 offers excellent handling. Another competitor such as Hyundai Santa Fe and the Ford Explorer might worth to consider.

All-new 2016 Honda Civic Redesign Concept | Review

Car Junkie - Honda Civic Redesign. The new Civic is to come in the biggest changes ever! The next generation Honda Civic sedan has finally showed up at the New York Auto Show a few days back. 2016 Civic brings its concept tends to set out sporty taste. Go deep into the engine, the tenth-generation Honda Civic will offer a new turbo-charge VTEC in direct injection which is going to be the pioneer in USA auto market. Despite Honda hasn't revealed yet its pride for details but now we have grasped how 2016 Honda Civic will be going on.

2016 honda civic
2016 Honda Civic concept

We have forgotten to claim that the 2016 Civic will go all-new. Starting from the engine of a new direct-injection VTEC to jack up performance and reliability to the body style which is completely redesigned. Its wheelbase will be elongated to a couple inches and the body frame is lower and wider. The company boasts on re-bringing the legendary Civic in a more aggressive, sporty appearance as well as high-graded features. Right year in this fall the sedan versions are ready to go on sale, and later the coupe, Si, five-door versions (forerunners in the U.S.), and the Type-R are scheduled to catch up.

Honda didn't yet released the technical specifications of the new engine except it will be powered by 5.5L turbocharged VTEC. Two possible transmissions offered should be CVT and 6-speed manual.  A few current amenities such as rear-view camera, lane-watch mode and lane-departure alert should be included. Other features may come with 2016 Civic are ACC (adaptive cruise control) and FCW (forward collision warning.

When it comes to Civic body style and reliability, the Ford Focus might be head-to-head. Ford Focus rides turbo-charged engines. What hotter is the automaker will collaborate the ST version with a new RS model to go concurrently. While the Mazda 3 fights Civic back over its high-class interior decoration and redoubtable handling. One a bit lower but worth to mark is Toyota Corolla.

Keep in mind that the 2016 Honda Civic is reborn to take a huge modification in terms of rating upgrade through all-new redesign. The 2016 Honda Civic is inevitably to consider as a sporty compact sedan.

2016 honda civic changes
2016 Honda Civic changes truly bring the car in a more aggressive style

2016 honda civic concept
Nothing but sporty, elegant and admirable: 2016 Honda Civic concept
Watch the video for more pictures.

We’ll soon see a number of A-to-B new, more-hatch 2016 Honda Civic sedan gang get through Canada and the United States roads. It’s the tenth-gen sedanized Civic, for the very first time, manufactured beyond Japan, as there is a new plant in Canada, precisely in Alliston, Ontario. The sedan version will be the first phase production which is said to start right this month, and followed by other Civic models later on.

Honda Automobile has confirmed for that new engine to include in 2016 Civics. Composed in 1.5L directly injected 4-cylinder, the engine is rated at 42-31 mpg hwy-city. While buyers will re-see the current 2.0L i-VTEC 4-cylinder with 1 point lower of EPA’s highway rating, that means 41 mpg/hwy and the same 31 mpg in the city roads. 2016 Honda Civic sedan, also a hatcback offered, comes in five different levels to pick. A 2016 LX holds the old 2.0L engine and has been featured the Honda Sensing as the main driver’s assist, one pair of LED running lights and a rear-vision parking camera in multi-side design. Up one level, the 2016 Civic sedan EX gains richer features, which include Honda LaneWatch system, a 7″ electrostatic touch-screen display with Apple CarPlay as well as Google Android Auto, sunroof, etc. The other models would be 2016 Civic sedan EX-T, EX-L and top-performance Touring. Pricinng should start from $19,000 to $27,000 – increased significantly, though.

Interesting here, Honda changes the Civic hatchback from 3-door to 5-door design. As European-market version, this new 2016 hatchback will be sized bigger than the old one. We seem to need more details from Honda for this model. Apart from that new hatchback, all units of 2016 gen Civic sedans adopt a fresh, bigger-but-lighter platform. For those Civic addicts, the Type R production isn’t yet announced, and wondering if it won’t be packed as 2016 model but 2017 generation instead.

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2016 Audi A7 Specs and Interior Changes | Review

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi A7 Specs and Interior Changes. With lavish points of interest, smooth contours and technology enhancement, the Audi A7 commends changes and specs delightfully. 2016 A7 arrives bringing redoubtable power and unquestionable specs and design. 2016 Audi A7 interior is expressively etched with marvelous curves and convincing lines to present a stand-out emersion. Full fresh LED headlights put through as a little piece of art that definitely impressive. It seems a must to say creativity is an extraordinary action! Go to the link for 2016 Q7 Review and Pricing.

2016 Audi a7
2016 A7 specs

2016 Audi A7 Interior

Audi has gone over the A7 interior to point out what elements to add and what others to change over. This case has really stepped the automaker up onto higher artistry and finally stopped by for an excellent composition. 2016 Audi A7, its interior, is built to acquire more precious marks from fans by promising a peaceful interior atmosphere and of course, luxurious amenities. You'll get much more convenience from the enhanced trim, attractive inlay and all comfortable-to-use features inside. The new A7 is secretly asking us for saying "Peace is Luxury".

As all vehicle manufacturers Audi will never ever overlook the core areas; composing great handling, inserting a powerful engine and presenting superior appearance. Those portions are unavoidable to deny whatsoever. The next-generation Audi A7 guarantees for a trending body style with a few unique elements as the Audi A7's distinctiveness. Read more: 2016 A7 Interior Redesign.

2016 a7 interior
2016 Audi A7 interior

2016 Audi A7 Features

What's new on 2016 Audi A7 features? Well I have to say the 2016 Audi A7 will come as one of the option based on feature availability. Beginning with a Corner-view Camera Framework that is completely helpful for drivers to deals with maneuvering or parking, and a Head-up Display to look over speed and navigating modes.

A Night Vision Assist that works under an infra-red camera to keep drivers in a comfort through dark situations. This very useful device will warn you once your car meets a pedestrian or animal or anything comes in front within roughly 300 feet far. Interestingly, it works both in the day and at night. Another safety feature which is also introduced to other brands is an Adaptive Cruise Control - supporting all-traffic situations that allows you to arrange the distance either you'll go ahead or back.

The 2016 Audi A7 will also feature Audi Side Assist with a main function to warn you once you reach the blind spot. A bit more advanced we can find an Audi Lane Assist , it effectively give an assistance to get back when you A7 drifts out of the lane.

audi a7 changes
2016 Audi A7 USA

The interior main features will be: 4-zone Automatic Climate Control; 3-Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel Shift Paddles; Power Tilt & Telescopic Adaptable Steering Column; 1-Touch Up/Down Power Windows & Pinch Protection; Fine Grain Ash Natural Brown Wood Inlays; Sunroof; Lighted Vanity Mirrors & Double Front Sun Visors; Auto-Dimming Interior Rear-view Mirror; Aluminum Door Sill Inlays; Front-and-rear Floor Mats; Leather-wrapped Gear Selector.

Exterior: Single-Frame Grille; Full LED Headlights; Automatic Headlights; LED Taillights & Rear Fog Lights; Power-adaptable, Power-folding, Auto-dimming, Heated Exterior Side Mirrors With Memory; Integrated Twin-trapezoidal Exhaust Outlets; Aluminum Trim for Exterior Windows; Power Tailgate with Hands-free Release; Adaptive Rear Spoiler; LED Turn-indicator Lights Integrated into The Exterior Side Mirrors; Heated Windshield Washer Nozzels.

While For Safety Systems Include: Driver And Front Passenger Dual-Stage Airbags, Front Thorax Side Airbags, Knee Airbags And Side-guard Head Curtain Airbags; Front Passenger Occupant Detection For Airbags; Power Central Locking System With Safety Unlock Feature If Airbags Deploy; ABS; ESC; Anti-Theft Alarm System With Immobilizer; Tire-Pressure Monitoring System; Safety Belt Reminder For Driver And Front Passenger; LATCH; Electromechanical Parking Brake.

Seating: Leather Seats; Heated 8-Way Power Front Seats And 4-Way Power Lumbar Adjustment And Memory For Driver; 5-Seating Configuration.

Entertainment Features: MMI Navigation Plus With Voice Control System; MMI Touch With Handwriting-Recognition Technology; Audi Connect With 6-Month Trial Subscription; 10-Speaker MMI Radio Plus And 1 CD Player With MP3 Playback Function; 7-Inch Color Driver Information System; HD Radio Technology; SiriusXM Satellite Radio With 90-Day Trial Subscription; INRIX XD Traffic; SD Card Slot With 32 GB Operating Capacity; Cruise Control Coast; Double USB-Port Audi Music Interface; Bluetooth Streaming Audio; Bluetooth Wireless Technology Preparation For Smartphone; Garage Door Opener; Audi Advance Key; Rearview Camera Parking System Plus; Audi Side Assist; Audi Drive Select; Rain/Light Sensor For Automatic Windshield Wipers And Headlight.

Note: The feature list above is available in 2016 Audi A7 3.0t Premium Plus, for the Prestige version there should be more offers.

2016 Audi A7 Availability

The very fine A7's quattro all-wheel drive system has been persuaded drivers being fearless on any tracks they are going. As we all have come to realize the Quattro system is well known for its excellent handling in any kind of circumstances - it should have taught us to go confidently on A7.

With Audi A7, you're the only leader in the driver's seat. Being offered fabulous performance and capability with a supercharged 240-horsepower / 333-horsepower diesel completed with 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, excellence is now only yours! Presented 4 optional modes of driving approaches, anyone will easily adjust their own driving approach. Every mode provides different steering adjustment so drivers have a control in selecting which one is suitable and better for them.


The next-generation Audi A7 will be available in at least 12 different colors for exterior and 6 optional colors for interior. Here you are:

Exterior Colors: Brilliant Black, Cuvee Silver Metallic, Dakota Gray Metallic, Daytona Gray Pearl Effect, Florett Silver Metallic, Glacier White Metallic, Havanna Black Metallic, Ibis White, Moonlight Blue Metallic, Mythos Black Metallic, Oolong Gray Metallic, Tornado Gray Metallic

Interior Colors: Atlas Beige/Dark Carpet, Atlas Beige/Light Carpet, Black, Cedar Brown Design Selection, Flint Gray, Nougat Brown

2016 Audi A7 Price

Trims - Audi offers two optional trim levels for the A7 version, which are Premium Plus and Prestige. The "2016 Audi A7 3.0t Premium Plus" price will start at $68,300, while for Prestige you should at least spend $70,950 for the base model. Going different from its two offered trim levels, both A7 Premium Plus and Prestige will be powered by a 3.0L TFSI.

2016 audi a7 release date
2016 Audi A7 availability

If you're interested to see more pictures please watch the video below.

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Next-gen 2016 Audi Q7 Redesign, Specs and Press Release

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi Q7 Redesign. The all-new 2016 Q7 sets to reborn with an impressive redesign of outline and rich points of interest for interiors based on mechanical advancements. No place does this conclusion ring more genuine than in the accessible virtual cockpit of the 2016 Audi Q7 -  an intrinsic appliance that's clearly providing a first-string 12.3" display. An abundance of adaptable-on-demand data is ordered right in front of you, serving to enhance the way you collaborate with your Audi and the track.
2016 Audi Q7
2016 Audi Q7 review

Set up a courageous front to the heap street conditions you will confront. The all-new 2016 Audi Q7 is furnished with fabulous quattro all-wheel drive with new 4-wheel directing and is accessible with driver aid innovations like a head-up display and a night vision cam to verify you're generally taking care of business when you're in the driver's.
2016 Audi Q7 changes
2016 Audi Q7 specs
Take your next experience to new statures with the 7-seat cargo of the new 2016 Q7. Providing adaptable utility for devices, different seat decorations, a peripheral sunroof and even charitable space for travelers; the Q7 is totally your command center at anytime.

2016 Audi Q7 highlights an altogether new inside outline that carefully mixes space and remission. Offering advanced aluminum trim and wonderful subtle elements pass on its dedication to predominant expertise. The royal hues to look over, with equal mode as accessible Valcona calfskin seat and noteworthy technology, the new Q7 has figured out what anybody desires from a luxury SUV.

2016 Audi Q7 features
2016 Audi Q7 interior

Indeed with luxury and adaptability secured in plenitude, the Q7 doesn't disregard the driver who requests an association with style and performance. It's there with high-quality Aluminum trim and shading choices, fanciful quattro all-wheel drive certainty, personalization of Audi drive select and 8-speed Tiptronic transmission, the Q7 takes care of the requests of the most perceiving aficionado.

The most recent MMI working framework, MMI in with no reservations touch, offers an expansive touch-pad with driver inputs fortified by acoustic and (touch) affirmation. Adjustable catches, astute inquiry proposals and a retractable MMI screen supplement the experience to put extreme control readily available.

2016 Audi Q7 release date
2016 Audi Q7 price
Audi spearheaded the utilization LED lighting innovation with its unmistakable LED daytime running lights and keeps on setting benchmarks for configuration and innovation. With LED encompassing lighting, discretionary full LED headlights and taillights, you won't lose light.

Tags: 2016 Audi Q7 review, dimensions, availability, price, towing capacity, engine and exterior.