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2016 Acura NSX Price, Interior Design, News and Pictures

Car Junkie - 2016 Acura NSX Price. The time to pay all your attention to the latest news and reviews here If you've been dreaming to own the next generation of 2016 Acura NSX. From all levels for NSX models you will be treated as a king in a super car - isn't it cool?

Adopting weight-saved techniques in the constructions to boost interior lookmixing up with the hybrid power train which provides 3 electric motors including the twin-turbo mid-mounted V-6, the 2016 model year of NSXz boast on pulse pounding capability to suits everyday convenience. The 9 speed automatic transmission combined with all exclusive equipment and features bring the 2016 NSX standing strong not only for performance but also appearance.

2016 acura nsx
2016 Acura NSX news

This kind of sports car called Acura NSX, and its brothers; Upcoming Acura ILX, TLX, RDX and MDX, had been introduced just a few years before the second generation came up. A Japanese-car brand started its debut with huge ambition to innovate a luxury sports car with mid-class engine - and it's not just came true but now is more advanced!

Just the way as Honda, being sold in other markets, this aluminum car is definitely stylist, fast and light. THe Acura NSXs are truly elegant yet less sexy for some. Moreover, Porsche and Ferrari can't slip off from being vicious of becoming money pit. Lining up with its competitors, the NSX wins in cost, wins in look and wins in fashion.

The 2016 Acura NSX Interior

Visual drama continues on the inside. Features a low dashboard exposed aluminum structural components covered by a soft, black-red panel-stitched. A TFT instrument cluster located behind the steering wheel very sculpted with a flat top and bottom. Acura is very proud of the particular features of the new NSX, the which also happens to be one of our favorite aspects of the original car: thin glass pillars, which are intended to facilitate the panoramic road ahead, the contribution of light impression.

2016 acura nsx
2016 Acura NSX review

The original NSX Also making news with the inclusion of an easy / egress, and ergonomic simplicity-even using components from Honda everyday. Now, as then, the climate control NSX is refreshingly simple, and perched on top of their screen appears suspiciously like infotainment systems. We would hope that Acura has found a way to finesse the system logic fussier streets we would hate to be a blight on the cabin if the star-searching.

Exterior Changes

While the overall shape has not changed since the NSX concept car began to circulate, the production version has grown more than three inches long, one inch wide, and about half an inch high. Compared with the original NSX, it is much bigger, too, especially the width, up 5.1 inches, and the wheelbase, which has grown by 11.0 inches.

2016 acura nsx colors
2016 Acura NSX exterior changes

Details of the car's exterior has been refined and perfected again, so the car looks finished, sophisticated, yet even more extreme. The body panels are made of aluminum and SMC, and they apply flying-buttress style C-pillars are down about half the body side to accommodate the engine intake air gaping. The rear is a thin band width tail lights include cars, and the bumper contains a trio of massive air extractors and the exhaust pipes are center-mounted. The 2016 Acura NSX price is predicted about $150.000.

More Pictures

2016 Acura NSX
2016 Acura NSX horsepower

2016 acura nsx video
2016 Acura NSX 0-60

2016 acura nsx
2016 Acura NSX colors

2016 acura nsx
2016 Acura NSX mpg
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