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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Michigan, Best 5 Providers

Car Junkie - Cheapest Auto Insurance in Michigan - Michigan isn't really a large state, so for this we didn't get serious problems in collecting data. After we did an observation then organized the date as good as possible before performing it. From our analysis, auto insurance rates in Michigan are also quiet varying from one town to another like in other states. Get in here to find out the best auto insurance companies in New Jersey. When it goes to cheap car insurance in Michigan and wondering who or which company provides us the most inexpensive quotes in the state, we'd recommend you to consider Hastings Mutual as the first choice. The company seems to charge its customers under the average as competitors do. For taking a one-year full coverage of premium package, you'll only pay around $550. Indeed, that figure is far cheaper if we compare to minimum rates in big states like Florida, California and the like.
cheapest car insurance in michigan
progressive auto insurance Michigan reviews
We've decided to put Chubb as a Michigan auto insurance into the list as the second cheapest car insurer in the State of Michigan. Based on the average rate, the data shows that this provider has been offering us very competitive costs. It's about $200 more expensive than our first option.

3 more companies with cheapest car insurance in Michigan include; Nationwide, National General and Pioneer State Mutual. Look at the chart below to study the average rates.

  1. Pioneer State Mutual (annual rate: $1,090)
  2. National General (annual rate: $1,000)
  3. Nationwide (annual rate: $890)
  4. Chubb Insurance Company (annual rate: $760)
  5. Hastings Mutual (annual rate: $550)

The data showed above is collected based on the average quotes. Next we've another list based on cities throughout Michigan State.

Cheapest Michigan Car Insurance Based on Cities

  • Flint: Hastings Mutual ($610), Chubb ($794), Nationwide ($949).
  • Detroit: Hastings Mutual ($760), Farm Bureau ($1,127), Chubb ($1,165).
  • Warren: Hastings Mutual ($599), Chubb ($680), Nationwide ($739).
  • Livonia: Hastings Mutual ($535), Nationwide ($730), Chubb ($746).
  • Lansing: Hastings Mutual ($439), Chubb ($650), Nationwide ($655).
  • Dearborn: Hastings Mutual ($575), Nationwide ($659), Chubb ($965).
  • Westland: Hastings Mutual ($535), Nationwide ($763), Chubb ($799).
  • Ann Arbor: Hastings Mutual ($439), Chubb ($569), National General ($625).
  • Grand Rapids: Hastings Mutual ($479), Farm Bureau ($580), Nationwide ($610).
  • Sterling Heights: Hastings Mutual ($529), Nationwide ($670), Chubb ($734).

Our top choice seems to be the best in all cities, since the company always wins the game in terms of providing cheap auto insurance in Michigan. While for second to third options are quiet varying. To get recent quotes of auto insurance in Michigan, please feel free to contact us we'd love to inform you.

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2017 Toyota Tundra Specs, Cost, Color Options and Pricing

Car Junkie - 2017 Toyota Tundra Specs. Put that at front, the new Tundra TRD Pro promises everything. Powered by a 5.7L V8, also gets benefits from the outstanding TRD Pro Bilstein shocks to become more capable on tough roads. Is that the only things Toyota proud of? Sportier headlights are there - adding extra confidence for off roadsters. In the TRD USA's hands, 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is built based TRD-tuned exhaust, off-road skid plate, rigid 18-inch TRD alloy wheels and attractively designed 32-inch Michelin tires. To remind you as a TRD driver, special TRD Pro badges are added to decor the cabin - and don't be sad to sit it down as well. You may go back to our older post on the 2015 Tundra TRD Pro for specs comparison. For those who have no chances to own the TRD trim, they can gain the TRD features as base-to-TRD upgraded Tundra, everything is flexible here. Each unit of 2017 Tundra will be assembled in Texas. An interesting fact is that one of its trim level, 2017 Tundra 1794 Edition, is named based on the year when Tundra plants found. Moving from Texas, the made-in-USA Tundra production is finished in Michigan and California. The place where anything the new 2017 Tundra needs to show off. A useful tailgate stamp is installed to the right side, simply an extra tool for you to help your troubled friends.

2017 toyota tundra diesel
2017 Toyota Tundra Changes Review | Diesel Specs
The 2017 Toyota Tundra availability keeps offering its full 6 trim grades with a number of different options. Check the availability below:

  1. 2017 Tundra SR: REGULAR CAB (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available) - CREWMAX (4x2: No, 4x4: No).
  2. 2017 Tundra SR5: REGULAR CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available) - CREWMAX (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available).
  3. 2017 Tundra Limited: REGULAR CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available) - CREWMAX (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available).
  4. 2017 Tundra 1794 Platinum: REGULAR CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - CREWMAX (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available).
  5. 2017 Tundra 1794 Edition: REGULAR CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - CREWMAX (4x2: Available, 4x4: Available).
  6. 2017 Tundra TRD Pro: REGULAR CAB: (4x2: No, 4x4: No) - DOUBLE CAB (4x2: No, 4x4: Available) - CREWMAX (4x2: No, 4x4: Available).

Though ongoing Tundra has offering fairly good interior details, the upcoming model seems to gain significant refinements. Beginning from restyling its seats, dashboard adjustment and driving components are refreshed. Furthermore, after comparing to the 2015 versions, 2017 redesign makes the Tundra has more space both for driver and passengers. While moonroof and back window slider are available in CrewMax groups.

To have a luxury full-size truck, you can opt for a 1794 Edition (in CrewMax model) which already has luxury specs. If you just need extra comfort, a Platinum CrewMax may suit you. In order to make both driver and passengers stay in comfort, Toyota returns the Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control to the next-gen 2017 Tundra redesign.

In terms of hauling anything behind, one more feature you'll have is an integrated braking controller which can be the most effective way to stop the trailer behind your truck. This equipment is, honorably, available in all standards of 2017 Toyota Tundra trucks.

Toyota seems to pay more attention to a truck utility, and with its Tundra, they upgrade the fuel tank capacity to 38 gallons. Keep in your mind, it will be the biggest truck fuel tank among the class. We should appreciate them for it!

For towing capacity, those all six trims on the new Tundra are capable to tow up to 10,000 pounds, even the 2017 Tundra can do more with a 4x2 Regular Cab version. Drivers can also optimize their Tundra's towing/hauling capability with a Haul/Tow Mode in hand. Besides, this mode should be that helpful in throttle response, braking event and engine power optimization.

Towing support doesn't stop there! you'll have more thing called a TSC (Trailer-sway Control) system. The system allows drivers to detect trailer sway so they can objectively which wheel to give more or less pressure in braking events, and it's still be optimized by adjusting engine torque while driving. Is that enough to pull a trailer in the best balance?

Drive system, we do have something new here. An all-wheel based mode with A-TRAC technology will give you much better drivings.

Engine options, as a few months before the forthcoming Tundra was said to adopt a Cummins' diesel that boast higher mpg ratings, now we've found the end. When they go on sale sometimes in this year, you may opt for a new 2017 Tundra with an i-FORCE 5.7L V8 engine, paired with a 6-speed automatic including standard towing equipment. The engine is rated at 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. Available features included to this engine package would be an Independent Variable Valve Timer with 32-valve head structure, and a DOHC as well.

Second, an i-FORCE 4.6L V8 engine package comes as a lower option. This 4.6L generates only 310 horsepower with 327 pound-feet of torque, strong enough for going off-road, though. Paired with the same 6-speed automatic transmission, the other package also features a DOHC and dual valve timer in 32-valve adjustment.

Back to new Tundra's braking performance, it comes a 4-piston braking equipment as the largest one in class. So let's say that truck braking system is the best around so far. Abundant color options are offered as we've listed in 11 pictures below:

2017 toyota tundra trd pro
2017 Tundra in Barcelona Red Metallic Color

2017 toyota tundra diesel dually
2017 Tundra in Black Color

2017 toyota tundra colors
2017 Tundra in Blazing Blue Pearl Color

2017 toyota tundra changes
2017 Tundra in Inferno Color

2017 toyota tundra platinum
2017 Tundra in Magnetic Gray Metallic Color

2017 toyota tundra trd
2017 Tundra in Midnight Black Metallic Color

2017 toyota tundra for sale
2017 Tundra in Quicksand Color

2017 toyota tundra 1794 edition
2017 Tundra in Radiant Red Color

2017 toyota tundra review
2017 Tundra in Silver Sky Metallic Color

2017 toyota tundra auto show
2017 Tundra in Sunset Bronze Mica Color

2017 toyota tundra cummins price
2017 Tundra in Super White Color

Say "Welcome" to new pricing, we tried to compare with 2015 model costs and here's the list of them:

  • 2017 Tundra SR MSRP: $28,640 (reduced $1000 or so).
  • 2017 Tundra SR5 MSRP: $30,450 (reduced up to $3000).
  • 2017 Tundra Limited MSRP: $38,170 (reduced $2000).
  • 2017 Tundra Platinum MSRP: $46,030 (new).
  • 2017 Tundra 1794 Edition MSRP: $46,030 (reduced more than $200).
  • 2017 Tundra TRD Pro MSRP: $42,445 (reduced more than $2500).

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Cheapest Auto Insurance in NJ (New Jersey)

We're struggling to answer your question, "Who has the cheapest auto insurance in New Jersey?" Our research began at the beginning of this month and just two days ago we've gained the results. For daily drivers, turns out that based on the average rates, NJ Skylands is the cheapest auto insurance in NJ. While for educators/teachers and all educational community members, we'd recommend to pick Teachers Auto insurance company. To have a one-year full coverage auto insurance with the lowest one, you'll need at least pay over $1000. Our list, however,  includes 5 best companies available in New Jersey. It means that drivers really have other choices of top insurers around the state. You may also want to know: top car insurance co companies in Florida.
We’d help you decide to which company your new car will be insured. Facing a plenteous range of providers means you have extra work to compare one to another. Today we’ll try to show you who or what is the cheapest car insurance company in NJ; this includes the best for new/young drivers. A good insurer doesn’t merely offer affordable rates, but also professional, friendly customer services. It’s good to have a full coverage that costs under $500; and it’s surely possible. The most affordable company must offer low cost and must win in comparing the available quotes.

Some of the busiest cities in New Jersey such as Newark, Camden and Bloomfield tend to cost higher than others. This happens because of many aspects, and one of the factors take the most effect is accident rates. The cheapest auto insurance in NJ for young drivers is Goog2go, based on customer reviews on Yahoo Answers, while State Farm or Allstate are more expensive than usual. These big companies won’t compete for many reasons. First, New Jersey has become one of the most expensive States to insure a vehicle. Second, anywhere you live in, young or new drivers will always get deal with higher pricing-this is normal. For NJ, don’t be shocked if you find the average rate is around $300.

In Newark, NJ Skylands in 2015 is now offering $150/month or $1600/year, while lower costs can be found in Camden and Bloomfield ranging from $130 to $150 (not young drivers). Based on our analysis, New York (NY) should be cheaper. In the State you’ll easily find a company that only costs you under $1000. It’s good to look for affordable rates from $500 to $1000. Pennsylvania is the cheapest one among others. For older drivers you are offered abundant choices of cheap auto insurance companies under fifty hundred dollars.

cheapest auto insurance in new jersey
cheapest full coverage auto insurance quotes in New Jersey (NJ)

5 Companies with Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in 2015

  • GEICO: annual quote: $1,521
  • Plymouth Rock: annual quote: $1,484
  • Nofolk & Dedham: annual quote: $1,440
  • Farmers: annual quote: $1,298
  • NJ Skylands: annual quote: $1,210

You might have often discovered that GEICO was always there in the top 5 of our older projects and you become familiar with that company, it's just a recognizable fact. From the top-down data, GEICO sits at the line 1, tough not the lowest one, but it's one of our best option today.

Followed by Playmouth Rock with $1,484 of average cost for one-year coverage - our new entry now. More affordable one we have also an unfamiliar provider here called Nofolk & Dedham. The company offers fairly inexpensive costs to insure your new cars. Farmers, comes as the runner-up that costs you not too expensive compared to the previous companies.

Here it is! Our best car insurance in NJ for 2015. The cost might not be as cheap as we expect before in which we're really looking for the best one with excellent cost under $1000. Now let's move to our next date to compare one by one by cities.

Compare Car Insurance Rates in Ohio for 2015

Cheapest Full Coverage Auto Insurance in New Jersey (NJ) Based on Cities

  1. Lakewood - NJ: Farmers ($1,154), NJ Skylands ($1,189),  Norfolk & Dedham ($1,293).
  2. Bayonee - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,154), Farmers ($1,206), Plymouth Rock ($1,334).
  3. Pennsauken - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,242), Farmers ($1,298), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,380).
  4. Bloomfield - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,263), Farmers ($1,317), GEICO ($1,363).
  5. Jersey City - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,303), Farmers ($1,401), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,485).
  6. Union City - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,352), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,704).
  7. Passaic- NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,404), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,770).
  8. Camden - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,404), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,765).
  9. Peterson - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,422), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,643).
  10. East Orange - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,432), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,651).

Those are our ten best auto insurers around New Jersey that have been offering more affordable rates among others. Contact us to get free quotes for unlisted cities. More information: cheap auto insurance quotes in Texas.

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5 Companies with Cheapest Auto Insurance in Texas to Consider

Car Junkie - Cheapest Auto Insurance Texas for 2015. It's pretty hard to set up an observation in big cities such as Texas, with almost 1000 cities and populated by nearly 27 residents, we've tried to analyze the average of auto insurance rates in Texas. The result is a bit surprising, since there are big differences in quotes among the cheapest and most expensive ones. In this post we'd let you know who/which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Texas for an annual charge. We'll include at least 5 top providers that are offering full coverage with most affordable quotes. More post to read: Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida. Truth is, the USAA insurance company comes as the cheapest around. To insure your car in USAA, you'll only have to pay less than $500 a year. And as usual we have other options as well. Let's see our data below.

5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Texas

  1. GEICO - annual quote: $687
  2. Farmers - annual quote: $667
  3. Foremost - annual quote: $655
  4. Allstate - annual quote: $590
  5. USAA - annual quote : $499

From the top 5 to top 1, turns out that USAA provides you the lowest cost in average. But remember, USAA covers military members and their families only. So you don't belong with them, just let it go. In many states, USAA has well known for the best car insurance for military members.

Allstate company wins in average after USAA, and it serves all general occupants. It's true that, probably, you won't find any car insurance companies in Texas with annual cost under $500 of premium package. So this is the only choice to consider as the best among others.

Besides, when you've ever had unpleasant experiences with that company, or your friends have had, Foremost is another one we recommend. They won't charge you so higher compared to Allstate. $50 doesn't mean a lot to you, right?

Furthermore, other outstanding insurance companies such as Farmers, GEICO and AAA Texas are worth selecting. The AAA Texas, however, obliges their customers to have AAA memberships.

cheapest car insurance in texas
cheapest auto/car insurance Texas with the most affordable quotes for really inexpensive cost - reviews

As normal, the rates will differ from one city to another. So it's wise to learn the wide range of rates in some cities to know better.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Texas Based on Cities

  1. Midland - Texas: Allstate ($560/year), TX Farm Bureau ($579/year), AAA Texas ($615/year).
  2. Brownsville - Texas: Allstate ($610/year), Foremost ($712/year), Fireman's Fund ($745/year).
  3. Odessa - Texas: Foremost ($640/year), Farmers Auto ($646/year), Direct General ($660/year).
  4. Arlington - Texas: Nationwide ($652/year), Allstate ($690/year), Fireman's Fund ($745/year).
  5. McKinney- Texas: Allstate ($720/year), Foremost ($750/year), GEICO ($754/year).
  6. McAllen - Texas: Direct General ($745/year), Foremost ($779/year), Allstate ($799/year).
  7. Austin - Texas: GEICO ($750/year), Foremost ($777/year), Allstate ($780/year).
  8. Dallas - Texas: Allstate ($786/year), Foremost ($780/year), Direct General ($840/year).
  9. San Antonio - Texas: Allstate ($786/year), Foremost ($800/year), Direct General ($840/year).
  10. Houston - Texas: Allstate ($810/year), Foremost ($846/year), GEICO ($855/year).

We only include 10 cities to our database, so if your city doesn't exist, please contact us to update the quotes. Do more analysis and find more references to get the best, cheapest auto insurance in Texas for your vehicles, good luck! You may also be interested in this: Best Auto Insurance in Ohio.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Florida (5 Top Companies)

Florida, as one of the biggest state, has fairly higher cost of auto insurance. Today Car Junkie will show you who/which company has the cheapest auto insurance in Florida. Since differences very often occur in many cases, we'd like to include at least 5 most affordable providers along the state. When it comes to the average rates, the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has indeed offering the cheapest quotes in any cities. The second line however tends quite varying. Here's our study on average car insurance rates in Florida. Also find out the 10 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio.

If you’re asking me, we do have the exact, right, accurate answer for your question! We’ve committed helping you as a new driver who has come lack of auto insuring deals and issues. Being new drivers doesn’t mean amateur and immediately judged as zero-knowledge customers. In fact, you’ve more and more heard from others regarding first-time vehicle insurance, and people around you have probably given you some reasonable advises. First to understand, Florida includes one of the largest states populated by 19.89 millions based on the last-year census. With that amount you can guess how many vehicles owned and the tax rates. To get the cheapest insurance rates for new drivers in Florida, we compared at least 5 top recommended insurers with under-$1000 monthly costs.

  1. State Farm - annual quote: $645
  2. Travelers - annual quote: $638
  3. GEICO - annual quote: $603
  4. USAA - annual quote: $599
  5. FL Bureau Insurance - annual quote: $380

See! Providers listed above are our top 5 of the most affordable car insurance in Florida proved by quotes offered, and it's the average rates based on the whole cities. FL Bureau comes as the only one with an annual cost less than $500, as well as the most affordable quotes for all.

USAA, second best with only $599 of a full-year coverage rate. About $200 more expensive compared to the first choice, but that extra cost you pay will give you additional services such as gap coverage and international drivers license.

Third place, GEICO, almost always sits in the top 5 most affordable car insurance companies in the United States. Now it holds the third line in Florida. Very best choice especially for annual coverage under $1000.

Providing just a few tens of dollars higher than GEICO, Travelers insurance company is also one of the most popular in Florida. For under $1000 rate, Travelers will suit you in any way.

Want more option? The last choice here we have State Farm which still offers us low cost. In addition to its popularity for most trusted property insurance, the company takes part in the auto insurance competition as well.

So they're the 5 best auto insurance companies available in Florida based on the average rates.

cheapest car insurance florida
cheap car/auto insurance quotes in Florida

To complete our study, let's go on the following data containing auto insurance rates based on cities.

  1. Fort Lauderdale - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($644), GEICO ($970), Travelers ($990).
  2. Pembroke Pines - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($644), GEICO ($968), State Farm ($990).
  3. Miami - FLorida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($591), GEICO ($1,235), Travelers ($1,515).
  4. Hialeah - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($590), GEICO ($1,235), Travelers ($1,416).
  5. Tampa - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($555), Travelers ($930), GEICO ($831).
  6. St. Petersburg - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($517), GEICO ($792), Travelers ($838).
  7. Fort St.Lucie - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($460), GEICO ($724), State Farm ($735).
  8. Jacksonville - FLorida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($380), GEICO ($598), State Farm ($604)
  9. Orlando - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($431), GEICO ($734), Travelers ($821).
  10. Tallahassee - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($320), GEICO ($469), State Farm ($495).

Young Drivers

Are you still students and just got a new car from your dad? I don’t care how you could own that car whether from terrible begging or a nice gift on your birthday. I won’t give you a long list of some cheap firms for young drivers and ask you to choose one you like. Instead, I’d only include very few companies which are really the best of the best. They should be affordable quotes/rates, quickest services and more the like. They are are the ones who provide you much more ease and comfort than any other competitors. That’s why anyone has to be capable to hold smart comparisons.

Our eyes have seen all days all nights a lot of teens inside compact cars driving around the Florida’s city roads for illegal street racing, sometimes. The accident rates are growing, and it’s time for providers to claim that they offer cheap auto insurance for young drivers in Florida. So how much is it? Based on what I’ve found, the most expensive rates can reach up to $700 a month. But we’re now talking about the inexpensive ones.

First, USAA. Cool news if you belong to good students/teens, since USAA has long offered great discounts for such younger drivers. To get a premium coverage from USAA, you have to pay only about $150 per 30 days. Yes, this is the cheapest one and you might go crazy to find another. According to customer reviews I often read, many parents and teens do love this firm for responsive claiming processes and customer services. And it should be on the top in terms of service performance ratings. Young drivers may opt for Rental Reimbursement, Roadside Assist, Accident Forgiveness or Under-insured/Uninsured Motorists Property Damage Coverage.

GEICO is the second option we’d recommend you to join, GEICO Insurance reviews here. Service performance is above the average or say “good”. Besides offering a discount for those nice students, GEICO also has an affinity markdown as well. Compared with the first one, it  costs you higher for around $200 in a month. After all, their basic coverage offered are the same. Tell me if you have different thoughts or experiences.

Be grateful for those who live in Jacksonville and Tallahassee which have the lowest rates in terms of car insurance quotes. If your city isn't listed, please contact us to get the latest quotes. If you want to know more, please put your question on the comment box below.

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2016 Camry Hybrid LE, SE, XLE | Review, Specs, Pricing

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review. Utilizing a wide range of cutting-edge technology, the new Camry Hybrid will take you in the most efficient driving. The EPA-predicted ratings on the 2016 Hybrid LE is ranging from 40 to 44 mpg/city, while a lower estimation for the 2016 SE is rated at about 40 miles per gallon in the city. That figures are said to more capable to optimize your fuel efficiency. It's Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, their contemporary tech system specially working as a dashing power balancer for the soon-coming Camry Hybrid. With this impressive assist, a respectable 200-hp output can likely be accomplished when both gas-operated engine and electric motors go together. We must not get surprised if the next-line Camry Hybrid gains some weight cutting for a few figures, even aerodynamics improvements would give drivers extra pleasure. The Hybrid versions belong to the coming-soon 2016 Camry Special Edition group which are manufactured in a limited amount of units.

2016 camry hybrid reviews
2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs

Get into the cabin, drivers will have an up-to-date screen control which is functioned as an energy detector. In the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid, you'll be able to monitor the battery range, gas-operated engine and electric generator while driving as well.

Since the freshening Hybrid-based Camry in included to the Special Edition lines, one more brilliant work would be expanding its trunk, where the battery pack is attached. The purpose is not only for placing the battery in the best part, but its wider trunk is sure to serve you more space, too.

Furthermore, redesigned Camry Hybrid receives a new-fashioned tire technology which is hired to reduce the rolling counterwork. What do they mean by this? Practically, low rolling resistance will help the Camry runs airly, as a result, less fuel wasted out. On hybrid versions there will be 3 trim grades available.

Trims, Powertrain and Pricing

2016 Camry Hybrid LE (2.5-L 4-cylinder DOHC hybrid engine; electronically-controlled continuously-variable transmission (ECVT); sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH); front-wheel drive; 16-inch steel wheels), as the standard, it costs buyers $26,790 on MSRP.

2016 Camry Hybrid SE versions (2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder DOHC hybrid engine; sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH); sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH); front-wheel drive; 16-inch steel wheels) starts at $27,995.

2016 Camry Hybrid XLE model (2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder DOHC hybrid engine; sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH); sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH); front-wheel drive; 16-inch steel wheels)  with $30,140 suggested price.

Color Options

It's totally colorful! You have abundant choices of paint. There are at least 10 different color offered. See the pictures below for better understanding, and don't forget to share your colleagues.
2016 camry hybrid xle
2016 Camry Hybrid in blizzard pearl color

2016 camry hybrid le
2016 Camry Hybrid in blue crush metallic color

2016 camry hybrid release date
2016 Camry Hybrid in celestial silver metallic color

2016 toyota camry hybrid mpg
2016 Camry Hybrid in cosmic gray mica color

2016 toyota camry hybrid colors
2016 Camry Hybrid in creme brulee mica color

2016 toyota camry hybrid price
2016 Camry Hybrid in midnight black metallic color

new camry 2016
2016 Camry Hybrid in Parisian night pearl color

new camry hybrid 2016 price
2016 Camry Hybrid in predawn gray mica color

new toyota camry hybrid 2016
2016 Camry Hybrid in ruby flare pearl color

new camry hybrid mpg
2016 Camry Hybrid in super while color

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2016 Toyota Tacoma Price (MSRP), TRD Pro, Access Cab, Double Cab

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Tacoma Price. It's a small Toyota truck called Tacoma, or more popular as Taco, is being repackaged by a number of skilled engineers for 2016 version in an anything-new redesign. That's right, this mid-size Toyota pickup has been sleeping for years without any touches from its owner. Bringing an ample 4-cylinder engine accompanied by the only 6-speed manual transmission, the ongoing Taco has become one of the best-selling city-road-used trucks. Believe or not, the redesigned Tacoma will surely gain striking updates as well as expanding availability. Also see what kind of engine the new 2016 Tundra offers.

As we've just mentioned above, later the old 4-cylinder is replaced by a fresh 3.5L V6 as the main engine. That gasoline-powered engine boasts on extra 30-hp estimated power - while the today's Tacoma is rated at 235 horsepower. Better news would be, buyers now have more options of 6-speed transmissions, with the same specs yet available in both manual and automatic. Anything Toyota is trying to elevate the Taco's energy doesn't merely change the engine. A new tech system called D-4S is prepared to generate more power as much as possible. Those mechanical upgrades should give more costs, right? As the result, higher MSRP seems to come true.

 2016 Toyota Tacoma Pricing

Look at that old skin! Should you throw it away? The answer must be "YES", you really need new skin. Hiring some top-strength steel, combined with the up-to-date weight-loss saving, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will come lighter a few tens of pounds. It means the Taco should be offering much better driving performance from the stability improvement.

Offering abundant personal and safety features such as a very-first-time GoPro Camera is mounted to the new 2016 Tacoma, for instance. Again, hope you won't get surprised by its new pricing. That's what we'll mainly concern about.

The most friendly priced Access Cab SR 4x2, is increased more than $1000 as the base ($1230 estimated). That extra bucks you pay is to to take a 6-speed automatic into the 2.7L 4-cylinder standard engine. If you're looking for the 5- and 6-speed manual transmissions, find them in the 4x4 group.

For the top trims, Taco Limited 4x4 models, MSRP will start at $39,370 or more. Sadly, we have not yet received the most pricing details. Below we'll show you the data, and we have no idea is the MSRP changes when the 2016 Toyota Tacoma arrives at dealerships later in this fall.

2016 Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma 2016

2016 toyota tacoma review
2016 Toyota Trucks

Tacoma Toyota 2016
2016 Toyota Tacoma availability

Hopefully we can soon post more updates on the new Tacoma.

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2016 Volkswagen Touareg Review, Say Good Bye to Hybrid

Car Junkie - 2016 Volkswagen Touareg Review. The current Touareg was renewed one year back, while should all be wondering why it is to gain more updates this year as 2016 versions. Despite the crossover is still new, the best guess seems obvious that the soon-coming Volkswagen Touareg will only gain slight touch. But what kind of updates they are, simply our questions today. Simple answer is, Volkswagen is killing the hybrid versions and the surprise is that the company commits to conjure the redesigned Touareg as more affordably priced crossover lines - while the Camry Hybrid is to offer 2016 versions. Prices are reduced no less than $2000, however, they won't be belonged to cheapest SUVs around. The reason why Volkswagen kills its Touareg isn't officially explained, yet in essence, it never meets the owner's goals.

2016 volkswagen touareg tdi
2016 Volkswagen Touareg - coming in lower prices and losing its hybrid versions

To remind us that the ongoing Touareg Hybrid was born in 2011, packaged a V6 paired with an electric motor, the low achievement was stuck at 20 mpg/city and 24 mpg/hwy. While gas- and diesel-powered Touareg SUVs are set to keep going with 2016 modernization, given sweeter look and better fuel economy. Expected to lift its line up in the market over the planned minor changes.

If we have to compare the new pricing to its tight competitors like Murano or Ford Edge, 2016 Volkswagen Touareg price will still be more expensive. That extra bucks you pay surely do you fifty-fifty favor. And you get it wrong if thinking that the lowered price will still its luxury and vital tech equipment. Driving assistance such as adaptive cruise control, collision alert, departure warning and automatic braking system remain available. Even 4 new 21-inch wheel style gives customers extra  pleasure, also Volkswagen's Park Assist is to feature the 2016 Touareg Sport model.

The upcoming Volkswagen Touareg luxury crossovers are scheduled to go on sale sometime this year as 2016 models. MSRP for the base Touareg will start about $41,000 to $43,000. Tell us if this SUV is worth waiting.

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2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Specs Review

Car Junkie - 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Specs. Having a quick or deep comparison to other flashy pickups from competitors, the Toyota Tundra is, sadly, lost in many things. For coloring skill, Tundra seems to be the winner up to now. In all cases, however, certain products always have their eager fans and customers. So this fact has been working to the Tundra. If you're not really curious about the 2015 updates, you won't be coming here, right? Besides the 2015 redesigns, Toyota says that their another plan on its 2016 Redesigned Tundra with a new engine. You shouldn't be excited in anyway, since that statement sounds like a big dream only. As you know, the Tundra is getting ready to gain some updates and improvements for the 2015 model year. We don't know how the game will go, whether it makes some hot news or simply pinches us with very normal changes. Toyota is seriously taking care of its Tundra, mainly the interior packaging which is a bit ugly. Also its technical features to drag drivers into a better comfort by making them easier connect the world.

2015 Toyota Tundra specs
2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro review

2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Specs

Redesigned as a 2015 entry pickup, the Tundra will bravely waste its 4.0L V6 engine out of the part. And the two higher levels; a 4.6L V8 and a 5.7L V8 seem to stay playing the game. The 4.6 has offered more than 300-hp and up to 330 lb-ft of torque. The strongest engine, 5.7, generates no less than 380-hp with over 400 lb-ft. Until now, both engines are still left behind in terms of gas mileage ratings which is staying under average among other full-size pickups out there with the same engine specs - just say outstanding Ford or GM's players. The recent test showed that Tundra can barely run at over fifteen miles per gallon, though estimated 15 to 19.

We do expect better driving performance even only in the city, since the old Tundra doesn't really show the best capability to consider. The 2015 Tundra TRD Pro is to update its 18-inch wheel style, exhaust as well as the suspension. It may signalize that there will be some impressions to show. While it doesn't matter a lot if the trims won't get any tweaks. Starting MSRP is still reasonable at $28,500 for the base.

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2016 Audi TT Roadster Specs Review, Price, Engine Changes

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi TT Roadster Specs. Born as a coupe version, but today the TT is getting popular as a richly formed roadster. For 2016 model year, Audi is trying to grow more those TT Roadsters, and in a much improved redesign. The third-gen TT Roadster gets key improvements on the exterior which defines the new TT Roadster's face.

Though the old generations had performed well, as Audi says, customers should at least notice a very freshening look. Staring at the sheet-metal, not-so-big differences can be found as it looks stiffer gained from fresh carving. And now, the coming-soon TT Roadster's hood even shares its space to relocate its Audi rings. The grille is also redesigned in a more fighting style, look at the R8. One of the brake light is expanded connecting the tail lights. As a roadster, the Audi TT will still be a great choice to drive trough big busy states. The outstanding MQB weight saving system will significantly give a big reduction to be lighter - more driving systems and more fun features. While the big changes come from new structured dashboard, it just looks more elegant than before. With a wider TFT display is extra comfort for drivers. The future Audi vehicle concept likely pays more attention to front cargo, on the 2016 TT Roadster, for instance, you'll the front-passenger seats more spacious.

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2016 audi tt roadster price-release date-roadster review
2016 Audi TT Roadster Review

The 2016 Audi TT Roadster offers two choices of 2.0L TFSI's with different output. In the 2016 TT Roadster, the engine generates 220-hp, while the TTS version has ampler power more than 70-hp. Sadly, only the TT Roadsters will land into the U.S. auto market. The TT's engine works together with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission - it's smooth and amusing, even the engine vibrates less. The EPA ratings doesn't confirm yet but the TT's fuel economy is expected to touch nearly 25 mpg/city and over 32mpg/hwy. While for 0-60 sprint speed Audi has predicted to accomplish in 5 seconds, running 155 miles per hour at the top speed.

All 2016 TT Roadsters are based on four-wheel mechanism, it differs from the original MQB which adopts front-wheel drive. In sort, running in high speeds can be easier with that optimized power. You won't find any rear seats as in the coupe version, utilizing that part to fold the fabric top much faster. Drivers should also gain more comfort from a lower body and classier cabin including its abundant features.

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Considering capability and convenience with its tough rivals such as Nissan 370Z and BMW Z4, the TT Roadster doesn't quit offering sportier packaging which others have less. Audi has not yet announced the new TT's MSRP pricing, expect to just go up wisely. The 2016 Audi TT Roadster is coming into the U.S dealerships this summer.

2016 Audi TT Coupe Specs Review, Interior Upgrades

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi TT Coupe Specs. The old-aged TT Coupe had begun its big project since years ago, until now, it's still performing adorable packaging and how it was. From the first debut, the TT Coupe didn't get any touch in a few years. And its second skin was coming back as a 2006 TT Coupe. One decade has passed, now you'll see it again as a 2016 Audi TT Coupe. Hoping this version to lift its liveliness and getting closed to the Roadster group.

The new 2016 TT Coupe is scheduled to hit the American auto market in the half of 2015. The exact date and official MSRPs haven't released yet, we do expect it starts no more than forty thousands. Logic always works, in this case, pricing lift will surely occur with no exact predictions.

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2016 audi tt coupe review
2016 Audi TT Coupe

The third-gen TT Coupe started introducing its new package in the Europe market, and will finally land in the states in less than 12 months from now. The European redesigned TT Coupe is only run by a 184-horsepower 2.0L TDI, while for American buyers Audi will pack the Coupe with the same cylindered engine but some planned tweaks is expected to increase the power up to 220-hp - perhaps, that's an exact measurement from the owner. It's not a big success of cutting the curb weight no less than 290 pounds from the first-gen TT Coupe, compared with the latest redesigned it lost 200 pounds. Taking a 0-60 sprint it will finish in about 5 seconds with 155-mph top speed. All American-spec standards work based on a Quattro all-wheel drive and the only choice of a 6-speed double-clutch automatic transmission.

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When you firstly seat on the higher line, that's where you lose sporty feelings - though your driving comfort will increase. In terms of driving comfort, the very refined dashboard comes right in front of drivers. It means you have no job to move your eyes right and left because the TFT display is placed on the best spot. Instead, this idea might force your passengers to complain, the only way is simply turning the driver' seat down. And sure, the screen projects an unusual resolution and eye-catching as well. The MMI infotainment feature can now be easily operated from the steering wheel with touch-based pad control. While colorful interior may waste any boredom, but clean design will give another value - it's not clean but empty, instead, a modernization. The 2016 Audi TT Coupe is a sports sedan with lack of headroom, so it will be pretty fair to consider the maximum height of your passengers.

2016 Audi Q3 Specs Review, Changes, Interior Colors

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi Q3 Specs. The new Q3 is actually not as new as you know, since the latest redesigned Q3 has been sold in the European market during recent years. The American-spec Q3 is managed to come in the states as 2016 model year Q3s. Debuting at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show a few months back, the tweaked Q3 appeared to differ from the old versions. New Xenon LED headlights beautifully replaces the current standards, also the tail lights which get a new attractive design. In addition to freshening skin substance, the Q3 will gain extra enjoyable equipment inside, too.

Simply congrats! It won the 2015 IIHS’ Top Safety Pick. We’ll in a very short time taste another family carrier, the 2016 Audi Q3 compact crossover is offering a number of noticeable improvements and refreshments. As we understand, the Audi Q3 is every new comer here in the North American market. It’s been available to pick with reasonable prices, ample engine power with 200 hp, elegant body design and innovative interior inlays as well as tech features inside. Begging $1200 for 2016 face-lift let’s see what’s more the Q3 crossover will stick up

From the front sight, the Q3 keeps taking care of its flossy face with a darkened horizontally decorated crome grille, shinning four rings sticked on the two lines above, “quattro” tab doesn’t move from the left side placement. Making something different, white colored surfaces connect the grille to the upside-down trapezoidal head lights, while a pair of in-orange decorative lamps take steps to end the front edges. To make clear, Audi wouldn’t yet include its full-LED headlamps to standards Q3s except that Xenon Plus – buyers can still gain LED turn sign lights which are integrated to the side mirrors – go see 2016 Allroad.
2016 q3 crossover

Moving backward, a couple of triangle designed LED tail lights are totally refreshed – you’ll only see one ornamental line instead of dual lines you’ve found on the current versions. After all, buyers won’t lose that plain spoiler, twin exhausts on the left bottom, elegant tailgate with a four-ring emblem still exists just above the back hatch handle.

Peeking out the window, we’ll see black-gray colors decorate the whole interior surfaces, inviting gauge cluster and well patterned dash. An MMI display serves up with its upgraded content through Audi connect. The 2016 Q3 has featured Audi select to fix your driving manners; dynamic, auto, comfort or efficiency mode. To standards, Audi provides a 10-speaker sound system with a CD player, while the fourteen-speaker BOSE sound system will be optional. For parking security, the 2016 Audi Q3 crossovers bring the available rear-vision camera into use, and a standard Audi side assist feature on the roads. Stopping your Q3 more easily with a 12.3-inch front brake and a 11.1-inch rear unit. Adopting a MacPherson strut technology for the front suspension, and a four-link unit for rear suspension. A useful sunroof can get rid of boredom sometimes, it allows you and passengers to see above if there is beautiful scenery.

The 2016 Audi Q3 maintains its concept clear to be a preferable family crossover with a compact styling. Aside from those refreshments, the company wouldn’t yet try another power supplier as the 2.0L TFSI returned, still engineered in 4 cylinders as well as a turbo-charged fuel injection system. Generating the same output of 200 horsepower & 207 lb-ft of torque. According to the EPA’s data, the Q3 earns 23 mpg combination ratings (29 mpg/hwy, 20 mpg/city), nothing changes here. A fairly slow 0-60 acceleration rated at 7 to 8 seconds. For a 3494-lb compact crossover, 130-mph figure of maximal speed is of course acceptable. In terms of pricing, the 2016 Q3 is still becoming one of the most affordable cars among the today’s Audi brand vehicles. It’s raised up to $1,200 for 2016 generations. Only Q3 Premium Plus as the base and Q3 Prestige are joining the 2016 American auto market.

The outstanding MQB platform seems to underpin the 2016 Audi Q3, it's been good at weight-saving treatment. Refined suspensions are hoped to work better on stability and upgrade handling capability even in the off-road terrain.

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2016 audi q3 interior
2016 Audi Q3 2.0t premium plus MSRP changes q3 interior exterior colors release date pricing availability redesign adaptive cruise control accessories diesel engine facelift

While the European Q3 is offering unlimited wheel and engine options, there has not yet official details in regard with engines for the 2016 U.S-Spec Audi Q3. In Europe, buyers can at least opt for 4 different powertrains. From the smallest 150-hp 1.4L TFSI, 180-hp/220-hp 2.0L TFSI, 120-hp/150-hp/184-hp 2.0L Turbodiesel, and 340-hp 2.5L engine. Sadly, there seems no chance for the 340-horsepower Q3 to hit the hot American market, so it will stay available in the Europe only.

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We don't know yet which one will power the 2016 Q3 for Americans. It's somewhat logical to predict the 200-hp TFSI to be chosen, with both options of front- and 4-wheel drive units, a 6-speed automatic seems to return and hoping to try double clutch from now. Audi says that they have refined the Q3's loading space and mechanism easier to use in all seasons. We're wondering which one of the BMW X1 or the Q1 will run further in this competition. Expecting the 2016 Audi Q3 to start ranging from $33,000 to $37,000 for the base.

2016 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Specs Review

2016 Audi A3 Sportback E-tron Specs Review - A new multiple-power Audi A3 is trying to expand its sibling in a distinctive package. Powered by a 1.4L Turbocharged 4-cylinder generating 150 horsepower, there will be a new generation called 2016 A3 Sportback E-tron. It's been rated at 157 miles per gallon and achieves up to 40 miles per hour in the full speed. Besides that primary engine, this 5-door luxury hatchback also packs an electric motor with 102 horsepower which can hit over 30 miles working alone, see 2016 A6 Review here. Not to underestimate that this fresh hatchback is still packed according European specs - that standard relies heavily on full-electric power in most ways, though drivers won't lose any gasoline while driving in short distances. The A3 Sportback then works like other gasoline-powered car once the battery runs out. On the latest test drive, the e-tron-featured A3 runs in 50 mpg with the battery works nothing. While the next try using the only electric power, it runs nearly 43 mpg. From what we found, this new A3 E-tron will rate at about 95 miles per gallon with the whole power.

2016 audi a3 sportback e-tron quattro TDI S-line release date price review dimensions specs family gets a wagon diesel
2016 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Quattro Diesel TDI S-line Specs review | release date | price | dimensions | family gets a wagon

The lithium-ion battery port is placed in the back of the Audi's grille rings. It can be recharged fully in a pretty short time of 2 hours using high-voltage outlets, it means that longer time is possible using lower ones. The A3 is just a creative E-tron-based sportback that can hit 0-60 sprint in about ten seconds long, and less than 8 seconds with combined power. Hiring a 6-speed double-clutch, the E-tron's peak speed is expected to hit 140 mph, compare to the 2016 S6 Specs.

Incorporating the E-tron technology into the compact A3 could be tough, and it's accomplished by moving the gas thank a couple inches back to create the space. And Audi has refined the tank in terms of crashing protection.

It's not strange that the A3 E-tron doesn't work any better rather than running in friendly speeds. Although it's not really sport, however, the transition from electric to engine, or hiring all of them, stays melodious with less buzzing.

The interior cabin will still offer the best among the class. For A7 interior changes. Drivers can follow their driving styles with Dynamic, Auto or comfort modes. But that freedom is normal, then now the A3 features more engine control with D/S modes. The D mode defines then A3 working in efficient fuel consumption, while the S means you use all energy to move.

The 2016 Audi A3 Sportback E-tron obviously costs more than the base A3, as in Europe going on. Having that special A3 we may expect to take less than $40,000 out. Let's see how it goes once the sportback E-tron available this summer.

2016 Audi A6 Specs Review

Car Junkie - 2016 Audi A6 Specs. If a car brand gets redesign often, there are two possible reasons; first, the car doesn't meet its best packaging and performance, or it's simply a best-selling car. What we're facing now seems not to belong all of them. The last A6 redesign was accomplished more than 3 years ago as a 2012 Audi A6. That ongoing version had been re-constructed thoroughly, but many didn't welcome so much. Hoping no sad fact likely happens again on the coming-soon 2016 A6. In the current A6, the carefully changed lighting elements are placed in less elegance. The LED headlights looks sharp but somehow cluttered, while the back lights go too down.

2016 Audi A6 Specs

"Audi is all ears", and it's fixed since the 2016 A6 debuts. The light blocks both front and rear are sweet to see, some new exhaust elements have been stuck rectangular-shaped enriching the lights. This creative decision makes the front air holes stepped a bit down, thanks to engineers correctly keep the balance. It's a logic to expect the new 2016 Audi A6 to get in the today's leading sedan lines.

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2016 audi a6 3.0t premium plus
2016 Audi A6 changes reviews

2016 Audi A6 Specs Review

The 2016 American-market Audi A6 will continue offering triple engine options. A 2.0L 4-cylinder Turbo engine, a 3.0L V6 TDI and a 3.0L V6 Turbo. The new comer 240-horsepower 3.0L TDI firstly debuts just last year and now it's going on without any touches. Pushing those 4 wheels forward with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The right choice for those who really concern to fuel economy that serves drivers like hybrid concept cars. The A6 Hybrids were actually existing a few years back but are not offered anymore due to horrible customers' interest.

A new 7-speed automatic is added to the 2.0L version, also gains power update more than 30-hp (the current generates 220-hp), but the 2016 model will still be coming standard with a front-wheel drive pack. The optional 4-wheel stays available with the same 8-speed automatic transmission. Power lift is also applied to the 3.0L Turbo with nearly 20-hp extra engine energy. Like in the TDI, an 8-speed automatic works on this version as well.

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Looking inside, a high imagination from thoughts has produced an extraordinary interior design - don't hesitate to say it's the best of others in the class. Not only strangers that will get surprised by this coolest production, but non-Audi A6 customers might be jealous. A very clean cabin structuring truly presents most elegant cabin design in the century.