Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2 Newest Tiny Crossovers Soon Come, T-ROC & T-Cross, Volkswagen Says

All around the world, crossover, especially in smaller sizes, is becoming a favorite family carrier for all generations. In this case, the German company Volkswagen seems to take a serious action in the near future. We all have shown an example concept called T-ROC that adopts MQB architecture. Interestingly, this model is rumored to begin production. While the T-ROC doesn't come alone, a new one named T-Cross was reported by Autocar to be introduced this fall at the Geneva Auto Show - 2 to 3 months later.

Despite the 2 newest VW's MQB-based tiny crossovers might go similar, the later T-Cross is said even tinier than the T-ROC - just see how the Golf appears. Furthermore, the news says Volkwagen will bring the new T-Cross in only 157 inches long. Is it so small? YES, please see the Nissan's Juke with 162", Mini Countryman with 161". If you can't imagine how small it is, the T-ROC should be larger enough for you (165").

We guess, Volkswagen won't put any big differences between T-Cross and T-ROC, and is designed to be brothers. Also, it's more possible for them to still be built in 4 doors. The functions, either front-wheel or 4-wheel drive, with MQB construction, sounds elegant to fit each other. Lastly, a plug-in and electable engines of gasoline and diesel should be offered.

Once the reports are proved, we will see not only the older Touareg and Tiguan. Besides the two compact crossover plans for 2016 lineup, VW claimed to refresh its Tiguan and expected to be available in the next year markets, in the U.S.
Location: United States

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