Sunday, May 10, 2015

2016 BMW 7 Series Redesign: New BMW Flagship Sedan Concept

Car Junkie - 2016 BMW 7 Series Redesign. Showed up as a much fine descent over five years back now the hoped-for upcoming BMW 7 series is demanded to strengthen its fame of a creditable flagship sedan. Indeed, it's not a limousine to take folks away, yet is simply a 4-door elegant car standing for its rigidity. The next-generation 7 Series redesign just sounds flavorless supposing a continuer with negligible changes, or even blank refinements. Sure, it will still be long, awesome and distinctive among others to set up screaming matches against Mercedes and Cadillac. That is therefore anything BMW ought to accomplish.

Simply put, the automaker is well-known for weight-cutter specialist - and it anyway should be ceaseless. To the "new BMW 7 Series Redesign", as the engineers says, weight-cutting is such an ineluctable work. Expecting to re-bring the flagship with thereabout 285-lb base weight by experimenting smoother but sturdy substances, as mentioned encompassing plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium and steel. While enhancing its bending rigidity and less gravity has seemingly been a big note.
BMW 7 Series
6th-generation / 2016 BMW 7 Series Redesign

Furthermore, to materialize the automaker's ambition on dropping fifteen percent down is supported by changing current iron materials over much lighter aluminum to some components such as brakes and buffers. In short, the innovative-boasted steel-carbon fiber mixture is, and will continuously become their confidential business.

Interior Changes

As the prototype above confirms lookers over lower-wider front redesign practically defines a sportier 7 Series - no striking differences appear based on the ongoing, though. The spy shot also reminds us to its declared future luxury notion of BMW's next cars a year back. Despite the interior redesign seems to perform chummy details, BMW should not disregard to incorporate fresh components for unfamiliar fretwork and styling. As the new concept for all impending BMW's masterworks, a new platform so-called 35up will likely bear out the 2016 BMW Series - offering a number of tech packaging novelties - one is obvious, carbon fiber materials.

Elaborating more on the auto crafter's prideful weight cutting innovation, the next-gen BMW 7 Series Redesign is predicted to waste out up to 400 pounds. Stay curious to grasp how they are capable to reduce the weights of the hood and the trunk, including the roof and interior-changed construction. From a less heavy body we expect the 6th-generation 7 Series coming up with higher handling excellence as well as unbeatable fuel efficiency - more importantly, speeding the acceleration up and up.


Approaching to the engines, BMW will keep proudly offering a 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder as well as a 12-cylinder directly-injected turbocharged engine - yet its V12 seems to be excluded. Also expect to witness how a new plug-in hybrid variant debuts. Spotting the features and technologies, we do hope the company to put in some recent systems and outstanding driver's controls. That's it so far for detail changes of the forthcoming 2016 BMW 7 Series redesign which is scheduled to debut in the late of 2015 - hope we will soon post more updates.

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