Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Is Why 2018 Toyota C-HR Crossover Deserves a Purchase

My bro predicts this brand new crossover will be the most stylish crossover ever made in the history! We would point it out that it must not be the best unit, but the word stylish is worth our concern. While Toyota says everything-new C-HR boats "unexpected next step" phrase, which means offering us distinctiveness. When we saw the car for the very first time, we believe that the craftsman team did their perfect work in designing the skin. It's athletic, fun-to-look, impressive and bold! Every angle shows its handsome details. The upcoming 2018 Toyota C-HR will be featured TSS-P (Toyota Safety Sense P) with supported technologies of comfortable handling and confident driving routine.

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So we've seen the unveiled C-HR at the LA Auto Show a couple days ago; the day of hot display. The C-HR massively adopts coupe tune in a bigger version presented to all American vivid travelers. The company had introduced the C-HR concept one year back along with the Scion showcase, which is transformed into 2017 86 now. It becomes the next series of Toyota's future car designs that emphasize modernization.

Based on the plan, 2018 C-HR is splitted into two accents; XLE model as the standard and XLE Premium as the prestigious item. They are different, but not much. All variants will be featured high-level compartments such as double-zone climate control, 18" alloy wheels, 7" screen display and as we mentioned above, TSS-P kit. Officials put a commitment in providing outstanding family carriers upon neoteric shape and quality. Something Toyota calls unique diamond, represents the distinctive characteristics of all parts. Responsive manner begins from start to end.

see the exterior of 2018 c-hr

People like the face, dual elegant eyes makes the C-HR appears wider. The LED shines bright and clear, with nifty fascia conducting uncommon pattern. The headlights together clamp Toyota badge leading to narrow layout. The rear side is even more futuristic; tiny spoiler and sharp taillamps creating 3D sight.

Getting inside, comprehensive cabin consists of snug seats with friendly driver center served by MeZONE theme. Sporty dash in go-down arrangement lets driver and front passenger to easily stare at the road in highly visible position. The audio screen is positioned as close as your eyes so it can lessen steal of glance; take pleasure in less worry.

interior look of 2018 c-hr

If you opt for a standard XLE of 2018 C-HR, it's been available leathered steer-wheel, backup camera, power-fold mirrors, applicable climate monitor and parking brake with electric system. The XLE Premium units bid more features like smart button keys, heated seats, blind-spot monitor, rear traffic warn and special fog lights. Specifically, both share the same functions of entertaining devices including Bloetooth, Aha app, voice recognition, USB port and also the 7" display.

The 2018 C-HR is constructed upon Toyota New Global Architecture which underscores driving comfort and present-day styling. The platform employs high quality suspension MacPherson for the sake of responsive movements.

powerful machine of toyota c-hr 145 horsepower

Our new power chart of 145-hp 140 lb-ft is produced by the eligible engine with 2L 4-cylinder capacity. Toyota engages CVT and VVT also to bear the demand of fun handling, speed-up and fuel consumption. Some more key features included to the forthcoming C-HR will be 10 standard airbags, backup camera and Hill-start assist control. You will only find BSM and RCTA on the premium class only. We have no idea yet how much this muscular crossover will cost Americans.

Monday, November 28, 2016

2017 Toyota 86 Engine Design; Any Differences, Keeps Ugly?

The Scion FR-S isn't dead, it just got the name changed. A fifty-percent brand new 86 is one we have Toyota offered for the next-year battle. A sporty coupe powered almost supercar means, the 2017 Toyota 86 answers the need of single-to-couple fun driving. A rear-wheel pushing system seems ample, or might be more, to get the tiny body to run a bit crazy. So if the 86 is much better than its elder, what does it make to overcome the last 4 year letdown? It should be abundant. But that's only our brief review as a compliment for the new comer. We'll be seeing more things now! Click to go back to the current Highlander.

2017 toyota 86 brochure

We expected not to conclude the Toyota 86 is only style-transform stuff with vague improvements. It's all our fear along. Well, put away that fun barrier and shift into positive views. We'd say the Toyota 86 is exciting, entertaining and strapping. Yes, refreshments and upgrades are ranging from look, power and operation management.

For manual enthusiasts, 205 horsepower means adding 5 digit tail from the old 200 count. The go-up figure won't charge you so much, fully expected. While torque performs around 155-156 lb-ft. When automaticity is your interest, 200hp / 151lb-ft might be enjoyable. Many preferred the simpler ones, we're sure the rule is going on today with 86 series. It'll be proved by oil saving of 24 miles/city and 32/hwy, despite the by-hand version is still better with 21/28 estimation. Besides, the new Toyota's 86 can accellerate quicker helped by smaller bumper which lightens engine work. It says the ration has shifted from 4:1:1 to 4:3:1. Put the number of 5k rpm sounds normal, but amusing after all.

Aerodynamics is necessary as long as it doesn't turn into bothersome noise. Toyota does adds some extra line to the inner side. This must give higher ability in declining foreign chaos. The body gets thicker, however, Toyota promises the weight stays below 2,760 lb - with the same Michelin premium tires. Our eyes are still familiar with 86 appearance rear and front. Little, creative touch is clearly visible, though. 2017 Toyota 86 is painted in 7 exciting colors; HALO, HOT LAVA, STEEL, ASPHALT, OCEANIC, RAVEN & ABLAZE.

Going deeper into the mechanism. The six-speed setup where featured 4.30 gears can transmitted power from starting to running in such shorted time. Toyota claims that the two-L four-S engine is arranged in the best, compact layout, letting the chassis ease in work - boxer-4 engine; go faster, corner better.

From the official announcement we've got the number of $26,255 of MSRP to start, displaying 21/28 est. mpg as favor return. Is 2017 86 worth buying? Tell us we don't know yet, let's share!