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2016 Toyota Mirai Specs | FCV (fuel-cell car)

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel-cell Car (FCV) Specs. Let's together get rid of the for-some awful new-offspring new 2016 Prius over its so funny turn-out - yet now we have the new one with more charms, that is, the new 2016 Toyota Mirai FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle). Does it simply mean hybrid? No, it's a different one - Mirai breathes oxygen and kicks out water. The car style just massively resembles Prius, while its palm is similar with Camry. Featuring turn signals on each out side - and long vertical running lights at the front end.

2016 mirai price
New 2016 Toyota Mirai | FCV (Fuel-cell Vehicle)
Yeah, Mirai gains a bunch of refreshments and upgraded specs as a new FCV arrival to the U.S. market, its components aren't completely fresh. The truth is, a large number of parts have been used to underpin another one from Lexus.

Toyota Hydrogen FCV

What all-start hydrogen means is simply you pump it to drive the gas going across the fuel tanks, while the Mirai's tanks are made of high-grade carbon-fiber materials which is fairly light and sturdy. The fuel cell stack receives air from the headmost intake grills. And finally the car gets electricity - tank-to-fuel-cell-stack hydrogen produces chemical joining oxygen to create the energy. Simply pushing the gas pedal and the motor gains electricity from the FC stack - then your Mirai FCV will go under the electric power. After all, a tailpipe behind the car works on trowing away the water - that's what to call a smoke-free vehicle or a Hydrogen-powered FCV.

What's more?

The engineers stated that each tank can store abundant energy to make the car move over three hundreds miles away. Meanwhile, the estimated acceleration promises for 0-60 within 9 seconds. Toyota claims that the Mirai has almost sixty kWh on a full charge which is said to be able to handle the car within 6 days long.

Powered by 150 horsepower joined 247 pound-feet of torque is expected to reach, as we have mentioned, 60 miles per hour within nine seconds - though its overall weight of 4080 lb seems a bit doubtful. With 102 g and 1.4 mm of every cell, the overall cells is more likely making roughly 3 kW/L - while the automaker also says it's the most excellent around.

Toyota Mirai Interior

While the upcoming Mirai's interior styling remains its luxury, friendly driving modes and comfortable handling. Toyota, as one of leading automakers around, has been experimenting its safety technology for ages over track, road and collision tests - ensuring all vehicles ready to move forward under any circumstances. Mainly for all of the Toyota's FCV, there featured smart sensors working on keeping track of the systems. For instance, once the tanks have any problems, drivers can easily take an action with handful switch-off finger holes. Also, for all of Toyota FCV's first owners, the automaker will provide a 1st-class program access.

From the picture we should grasp what the rear side means - changing air into water. Of course, if you were to ask others for body styling, they will simply answer, "Mirai is a sexy car". Going inside, you'll find appealing leather seats as well as futuristic arranged gauges.

Available Colors

The 2016 Toyota Mirai FCV is about to offer 4 variants of exterior colors, which are: Nautical Blue Metallic, Crystal White, Elemental Silver and Celestial Black - look at the pictures below.

2016 mirai price
Mirai in celestial black
The company expects to put its two hundred Mirai units on the California market during 2015, while for the whole states it's estimated to reach three thousands units of the Toyota Mirai.

2016 toyota mirai fcv
Mirai in nautical blue
Despite getting a few critical arguments over its limits on some parts, but the leading automaker is still optimistic that this hydrogen fuel-cell midsize sedan is going to draw its expected number of consumers along the United States.

review toyota mirai
Mirai in elemental silver
This 4-passenger hydrogen fuel-cell car will mainly guard by 153 lb fuel cell from its front seats, while a 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides additional power to the car.
2016 mirai toyota
Mirai in Crystal white
Indeed, the Mirai is good enough for the city driving - but it doesn't work perfectly on the highway. Still waiting for the security ratings, though.

How much will the 2016 Mirai cost you? As we got from the official site, there is put $57,500 for starting its MSRP. The upcoming Mirai is available in late 2015, though.


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