Monday, May 18, 2015

2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition Price | Camry SE

Car Junkie - New 2016 Camry Special Edition Price (SE). Adding some more additional tech features and the Camry' styling refinements - that what "special edition" means. The new 2016 Camry Special Edition is redesigned to show its outlook off - so sporty and so special package - with smoke-cured tail lights and special 18" wheels.

This Camry Special edition offers flashier gauge clutch joined Toyota's Qi wireless charging in the interest of boosting its cabin enticement, sure, remains easy-to-use instruments. Other outstanding features such as a push-knob start and a keyless entry are going to returned. Outside, there will be two special blue and pearl colors including a base moonroof. In particular, the company is refreshing its Camry to be in demand.

Toyota camry se
New 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition | Ex-interior Redesign

Moving inside consumers will have a new seating design in black-blue colored leather seats, while the interior color is still dominated with black paint. Funnier stuff can be found on the floor mats scripted "Special Edition" - ensuring you not to ignore its distinctiveness.

Of course, the 2016 Camry is re-engineered for a special generation, however, this 4-door sedan is unlikely powered a new engine - it keeps the equal 2.5L 4-cylinder paired with 6-speed automatic. This means the upcoming special Camry won't offer an V6 engine nor an electric-powered version (Toyota's Hybrid).

No more information or any hot news except its approximated amount of the SE production, which is roughly no less than twelve Camry Special Editions. The limited number definitely sounds a bit inconsiderable, compared with the last-year sales that reached over 350,000 units only from the American auto market. More news: 2016 tundra TRD Pro to Offer Higher Specs.

We should also wait for the 2016 Camry's debut in Chicago to gain the price and specs details. Keep coming to get the latest news and updates for the 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition as soon as the release date announced.


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