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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Florida (5 Top Companies)

Florida, as one of the biggest state, has fairly higher cost of auto insurance. Today Car Junkie will show you who/which company has the cheapest auto insurance in Florida. Since differences very often occur in many cases, we'd like to include at least 5 most affordable providers along the state. When it comes to the average rates, the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has indeed offering the cheapest quotes in any cities. The second line however tends quite varying. Here's our study on average car insurance rates in Florida. Also find out the 10 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Ohio.

If you’re asking me, we do have the exact, right, accurate answer for your question! We’ve committed helping you as a new driver who has come lack of auto insuring deals and issues. Being new drivers doesn’t mean amateur and immediately judged as zero-knowledge customers. In fact, you’ve more and more heard from others regarding first-time vehicle insurance, and people around you have probably given you some reasonable advises. First to understand, Florida includes one of the largest states populated by 19.89 millions based on the last-year census. With that amount you can guess how many vehicles owned and the tax rates. To get the cheapest insurance rates for new drivers in Florida, we compared at least 5 top recommended insurers with under-$1000 monthly costs.

  1. State Farm - annual quote: $645
  2. Travelers - annual quote: $638
  3. GEICO - annual quote: $603
  4. USAA - annual quote: $599
  5. FL Bureau Insurance - annual quote: $380

See! Providers listed above are our top 5 of the most affordable car insurance in Florida proved by quotes offered, and it's the average rates based on the whole cities. FL Bureau comes as the only one with an annual cost less than $500, as well as the most affordable quotes for all.

USAA, second best with only $599 of a full-year coverage rate. About $200 more expensive compared to the first choice, but that extra cost you pay will give you additional services such as gap coverage and international drivers license.

Third place, GEICO, almost always sits in the top 5 most affordable car insurance companies in the United States. Now it holds the third line in Florida. Very best choice especially for annual coverage under $1000.

Providing just a few tens of dollars higher than GEICO, Travelers insurance company is also one of the most popular in Florida. For under $1000 rate, Travelers will suit you in any way.

Want more option? The last choice here we have State Farm which still offers us low cost. In addition to its popularity for most trusted property insurance, the company takes part in the auto insurance competition as well.

So they're the 5 best auto insurance companies available in Florida based on the average rates.

cheapest car insurance florida
cheap car/auto insurance quotes in Florida

To complete our study, let's go on the following data containing auto insurance rates based on cities.

  1. Fort Lauderdale - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($644), GEICO ($970), Travelers ($990).
  2. Pembroke Pines - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($644), GEICO ($968), State Farm ($990).
  3. Miami - FLorida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($591), GEICO ($1,235), Travelers ($1,515).
  4. Hialeah - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($590), GEICO ($1,235), Travelers ($1,416).
  5. Tampa - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($555), Travelers ($930), GEICO ($831).
  6. St. Petersburg - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($517), GEICO ($792), Travelers ($838).
  7. Fort St.Lucie - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($460), GEICO ($724), State Farm ($735).
  8. Jacksonville - FLorida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($380), GEICO ($598), State Farm ($604)
  9. Orlando - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($431), GEICO ($734), Travelers ($821).
  10. Tallahassee - Florida (annual rate): FL Farm Bureau ($320), GEICO ($469), State Farm ($495).

Young Drivers

Are you still students and just got a new car from your dad? I don’t care how you could own that car whether from terrible begging or a nice gift on your birthday. I won’t give you a long list of some cheap firms for young drivers and ask you to choose one you like. Instead, I’d only include very few companies which are really the best of the best. They should be affordable quotes/rates, quickest services and more the like. They are are the ones who provide you much more ease and comfort than any other competitors. That’s why anyone has to be capable to hold smart comparisons.

Our eyes have seen all days all nights a lot of teens inside compact cars driving around the Florida’s city roads for illegal street racing, sometimes. The accident rates are growing, and it’s time for providers to claim that they offer cheap auto insurance for young drivers in Florida. So how much is it? Based on what I’ve found, the most expensive rates can reach up to $700 a month. But we’re now talking about the inexpensive ones.

First, USAA. Cool news if you belong to good students/teens, since USAA has long offered great discounts for such younger drivers. To get a premium coverage from USAA, you have to pay only about $150 per 30 days. Yes, this is the cheapest one and you might go crazy to find another. According to customer reviews I often read, many parents and teens do love this firm for responsive claiming processes and customer services. And it should be on the top in terms of service performance ratings. Young drivers may opt for Rental Reimbursement, Roadside Assist, Accident Forgiveness or Under-insured/Uninsured Motorists Property Damage Coverage.

GEICO is the second option we’d recommend you to join, GEICO Insurance reviews here. Service performance is above the average or say “good”. Besides offering a discount for those nice students, GEICO also has an affinity markdown as well. Compared with the first one, it  costs you higher for around $200 in a month. After all, their basic coverage offered are the same. Tell me if you have different thoughts or experiences.

Be grateful for those who live in Jacksonville and Tallahassee which have the lowest rates in terms of car insurance quotes. If your city isn't listed, please contact us to get the latest quotes. If you want to know more, please put your question on the comment box below.
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