Saturday, April 25, 2015

4 Best 2015 Full-size Sedans (Top Rated)

Car Junkie - Best 2015 Fullsize Sedans 2015. If you come from a big family, but you have no compatible sense with large cars such as SUVs or trucks, there are no special choices than fullsize sedans. And if you're looking for the best or the top rated full-size sedans, we have made a list of them here. What are they?

1. 2015 Full Size Sedan Chevrolet Impala

best 2015 fullsize sedans
2015 Impala
This fullsize sedan got a bunch of refinements for the current versions. Having remarkable driving offered through its excellent cabin which is suitably adjusted. Each part and each corner is sweetly sculpted in favor of peaceful driving and exceptional handling. Inside you'll find anything what a big-size-sedan addict really wants, proving that the new Impala worth a top full-size sedan in the year. Available in 5 trim levels: LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1LTZ and 2LTZ. The LS variant as the base model costs fittingly $27,060 (MSRP), while to get the top package 2LTZ you have just to spend about $35,000 - very reasonable prices for a full size sedan with complete features. The Chevrolet's OnStar with 4G LTE is included to all standard Impalas.

2. 2015 Full Size Sedan Toyota Avalon

2015 best fullsize sedans
2015 Avalon
 It's not a sin if the full-size car Avalon costs you a pretty penny which starts at $32,285. If there is a guy says that his Avalon is the best fullsize sedan he ever had, he doesn't tell you a lie, because it's ALMOST perfect! Offering stunning exterior style while its interior goodness cannot be overlooked. It's a spacious, comfortable fullsize car provides you countless touring experiences. Available in four trim levels, and for the next-gen Avalon there will be 5 options. The Hybrid version is somewhat competitive as well.

3. 2015 Full Size Sedan Kia Cadenza

top fullsize sedan 2015
2015 Kia Cadenza
The Kia Cadenza might not have strong foothold in accord with handling excellence, and yet this large sedan has its own fingerprint, that is, luxurious! The Cadenza appears in abundant modernized features and handsome styling. Inside, drivers are served with cutting-edge design that presents cheerful atmosphere in driving. The current innovation has even made the Cadenza more preferable for a large sedan rides on a low-vibration engine. Coming with a wide range of outstanding equipment and technology such as Keyless Entry and a Voice Command System, the fullsize Cadenza is priced a bit higher starting at $34,900.

4. 2015 Full Size Sedan Chrysler 300

2015 top rated fullsize sedans
2015 Chrysler 300
For some, the Chrysler 300 is a really stylish fullsize car, yet it sounds not so elegant for others. Whatever it is, the Chyrsler 300 is well-known for its capability as a distinctive mark. Powered by two optional V6 and V8 engines this large sedan generates respectable performance and plentiful features. The interior configuration is not only deliberately crafted, but the materials are truly upscale!

This top-rated full-size car costs you $31,395 for the base, less expensive compared with the Avalon. Those are the 4 best fullsize sedans 2015 we could listed for you to buy!
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