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2016 Honda Pilot Specs and Features [Review]

Car Junkie - 2016 Honda Pilot Specs and Features. Honda Pilot is moving towards its third phase as 2016 model year. The same as 2016 Civic Super Sedan, Honda Pilot will come in all-new redesign. It boasts on increased efficiency and advanced features. The third-generation Pilot crossover is also refreshed with chic interior elements. Debuted the late spring, 2016 Pilot showed off a splendid composition in impressive packaging. With new powertrain Pilot should be more powerful.

2016 honda pilot debut
All-new 2016 Honda Pilot redesign

2016 Honda Pilot Specs

2016 Honda Pilot is powered by a new 3.5L V6 with direct-injection VTEC model which has generated significant power and performance. Despite it's still going in the same version, but Honda promises for better and higher performance. The current V6 has brought out 250 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque, while the new Pilot is expected to generate over 300-hp and 260 lb-ft. It adopts a new 9-speed automatic transmission (upper trims) as a new wheel-drive system, combined with weight reduction is applied to boost excellence. While the standard version will likely come in 6-speed transmission. More spacious room for 8 passengers is carefully re-modified and yet still appears in a slender shape. It's constructed on a new chassis which gives about 3-to-4" extended length and generates wider rear seats. That style of chassis has also been implemented in the 2016 Acura MDX concept.

2016 honda pilot engine
2016 Honda Pilot engine produces excellent horsepower

2016 Honda Pilot Features

Sadly, the third-generation Pilot will be left-behind in terms of current technologies for both safety and personal features. Honda seems not to guarantee the new Pilot will feature trending amenities like lane keeping aid, adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert and even a lane departure warning. Aside from its lacks, the 2016 Pilot will still offer refined interior arrangements oriented in a more attractive design with upscale materials.

As we have noticed at the beginning, the longer new chassis should refine the rear seats to be more acceptable for a crossover. Its low-mounted seats provides more space for passengers' legs. New stuff Pilot offers is a captain-seating style in the middle-row seats.

2016 honda pilot features
2016 Honda Pilot interior picture: looks much better

2016 Honda Pilot Price

The all-new Pilot will go on sale this summer with a bit higher starting cost. The current-version Pilot is valued $37,850 for the base model. With fresh arrangements and refined equipment the 2016 Pilot price is worth to go up.


It's a bit hard to make comparison details among crossovers for its abundant options. The Dodge Durango owns its cool towing capacity, while Mazda CX-9 offers excellent handling. Another competitor such as Hyundai Santa Fe and the Ford Explorer might worth to consider.

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