Wednesday, April 08, 2015

New Honda Civic Type R NOT to Come as 2016 Model Year

Car Junkie - 2016 Honda Civic Type R. After you guys in ages waiting for the new Honda Civic Type R to come down, here is the end. I didn't say it's a happy ending for you, though. 2016 Honda Civic sedan version has debuted at New York Auto Show and as the officials promised that other models, including the Type R, will follow thereafter with no exact time stated.

Honda has confirmed that the Honda Civic Type R will eventually release to land in the United States as an American-spec Civic Type R. Although the sedan model has scheduled to go on sale in late 2015, yet we haven't yet relieved over unspecified Type R's turn to arrive.

honda civic type r
Honda Civic Type R USA

John Mandel said it could be a 2018 model year even though he expects different as well. Madel even joked, "You couldn't say Honda never listened, but we barely noticed."

It may, or may not the new US-market Civic Type R appear with a significant difference from its European version. But it most likely not, since Honda said the five-door Type R (European market) has been their job. Another big statement from Mandel was, "You are looking at the same concept which the Honda Civic Type R has been." John Mandel also explained that in terms of global market there is nothing but standard requirements to build a vehicle to meet. After all we do expect it would bring higher standards.

Officials wouldn't start a discussion concerning estimated prices. If you won't get more pain begging for the Type R, Honda is ready to offer the 2016 Civic sedan as the 10th generation. The car is powered by a new 1.5L VTEC and the automaker claimed that it comes as the higher trim levels.
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