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5 Companies with Cheapest Auto Insurance in Texas to Consider

Car Junkie - Cheapest Auto Insurance Texas for 2015. It's pretty hard to set up an observation in big cities such as Texas, with almost 1000 cities and populated by nearly 27 residents, we've tried to analyze the average of auto insurance rates in Texas. The result is a bit surprising, since there are big differences in quotes among the cheapest and most expensive ones. In this post we'd let you know who/which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Texas for an annual charge. We'll include at least 5 top providers that are offering full coverage with most affordable quotes. More post to read: Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida. Truth is, the USAA insurance company comes as the cheapest around. To insure your car in USAA, you'll only have to pay less than $500 a year. And as usual we have other options as well. Let's see our data below.

5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Texas

  1. GEICO - annual quote: $687
  2. Farmers - annual quote: $667
  3. Foremost - annual quote: $655
  4. Allstate - annual quote: $590
  5. USAA - annual quote : $499

From the top 5 to top 1, turns out that USAA provides you the lowest cost in average. But remember, USAA covers military members and their families only. So you don't belong with them, just let it go. In many states, USAA has well known for the best car insurance for military members.

Allstate company wins in average after USAA, and it serves all general occupants. It's true that, probably, you won't find any car insurance companies in Texas with annual cost under $500 of premium package. So this is the only choice to consider as the best among others.

Besides, when you've ever had unpleasant experiences with that company, or your friends have had, Foremost is another one we recommend. They won't charge you so higher compared to Allstate. $50 doesn't mean a lot to you, right?

Furthermore, other outstanding insurance companies such as Farmers, GEICO and AAA Texas are worth selecting. The AAA Texas, however, obliges their customers to have AAA memberships.

cheapest car insurance in texas
cheapest auto/car insurance Texas with the most affordable quotes for really inexpensive cost - reviews

As normal, the rates will differ from one city to another. So it's wise to learn the wide range of rates in some cities to know better.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Texas Based on Cities

  1. Midland - Texas: Allstate ($560/year), TX Farm Bureau ($579/year), AAA Texas ($615/year).
  2. Brownsville - Texas: Allstate ($610/year), Foremost ($712/year), Fireman's Fund ($745/year).
  3. Odessa - Texas: Foremost ($640/year), Farmers Auto ($646/year), Direct General ($660/year).
  4. Arlington - Texas: Nationwide ($652/year), Allstate ($690/year), Fireman's Fund ($745/year).
  5. McKinney- Texas: Allstate ($720/year), Foremost ($750/year), GEICO ($754/year).
  6. McAllen - Texas: Direct General ($745/year), Foremost ($779/year), Allstate ($799/year).
  7. Austin - Texas: GEICO ($750/year), Foremost ($777/year), Allstate ($780/year).
  8. Dallas - Texas: Allstate ($786/year), Foremost ($780/year), Direct General ($840/year).
  9. San Antonio - Texas: Allstate ($786/year), Foremost ($800/year), Direct General ($840/year).
  10. Houston - Texas: Allstate ($810/year), Foremost ($846/year), GEICO ($855/year).

We only include 10 cities to our database, so if your city doesn't exist, please contact us to update the quotes. Do more analysis and find more references to get the best, cheapest auto insurance in Texas for your vehicles, good luck! You may also be interested in this: Best Auto Insurance in Ohio.
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