Monday, August 17, 2015

Cheapest Auto Insurance in NJ (New Jersey)

We're struggling to answer your question, "Who has the cheapest auto insurance in New Jersey?" Our research began at the beginning of this month and just two days ago we've gained the results. For daily drivers, turns out that based on the average rates, NJ Skylands is the cheapest auto insurance in NJ. While for educators/teachers and all educational community members, we'd recommend to pick Teachers Auto insurance company. To have a one-year full coverage auto insurance with the lowest one, you'll need at least pay over $1000. Our list, however,  includes 5 best companies available in New Jersey. It means that drivers really have other choices of top insurers around the state. You may also want to know: top car insurance co companies in Florida.
We’d help you decide to which company your new car will be insured. Facing a plenteous range of providers means you have extra work to compare one to another. Today we’ll try to show you who or what is the cheapest car insurance company in NJ; this includes the best for new/young drivers. A good insurer doesn’t merely offer affordable rates, but also professional, friendly customer services. It’s good to have a full coverage that costs under $500; and it’s surely possible. The most affordable company must offer low cost and must win in comparing the available quotes.

Some of the busiest cities in New Jersey such as Newark, Camden and Bloomfield tend to cost higher than others. This happens because of many aspects, and one of the factors take the most effect is accident rates. The cheapest auto insurance in NJ for young drivers is Goog2go, based on customer reviews on Yahoo Answers, while State Farm or Allstate are more expensive than usual. These big companies won’t compete for many reasons. First, New Jersey has become one of the most expensive States to insure a vehicle. Second, anywhere you live in, young or new drivers will always get deal with higher pricing-this is normal. For NJ, don’t be shocked if you find the average rate is around $300.

In Newark, NJ Skylands in 2015 is now offering $150/month or $1600/year, while lower costs can be found in Camden and Bloomfield ranging from $130 to $150 (not young drivers). Based on our analysis, New York (NY) should be cheaper. In the State you’ll easily find a company that only costs you under $1000. It’s good to look for affordable rates from $500 to $1000. Pennsylvania is the cheapest one among others. For older drivers you are offered abundant choices of cheap auto insurance companies under fifty hundred dollars.

cheapest auto insurance in new jersey
cheapest full coverage auto insurance quotes in New Jersey (NJ)

5 Companies with Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in 2015

  • GEICO: annual quote: $1,521
  • Plymouth Rock: annual quote: $1,484
  • Nofolk & Dedham: annual quote: $1,440
  • Farmers: annual quote: $1,298
  • NJ Skylands: annual quote: $1,210

You might have often discovered that GEICO was always there in the top 5 of our older projects and you become familiar with that company, it's just a recognizable fact. From the top-down data, GEICO sits at the line 1, tough not the lowest one, but it's one of our best option today.

Followed by Playmouth Rock with $1,484 of average cost for one-year coverage - our new entry now. More affordable one we have also an unfamiliar provider here called Nofolk & Dedham. The company offers fairly inexpensive costs to insure your new cars. Farmers, comes as the runner-up that costs you not too expensive compared to the previous companies.

Here it is! Our best car insurance in NJ for 2015. The cost might not be as cheap as we expect before in which we're really looking for the best one with excellent cost under $1000. Now let's move to our next date to compare one by one by cities.

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Cheapest Full Coverage Auto Insurance in New Jersey (NJ) Based on Cities

  1. Lakewood - NJ: Farmers ($1,154), NJ Skylands ($1,189),  Norfolk & Dedham ($1,293).
  2. Bayonee - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,154), Farmers ($1,206), Plymouth Rock ($1,334).
  3. Pennsauken - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,242), Farmers ($1,298), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,380).
  4. Bloomfield - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,263), Farmers ($1,317), GEICO ($1,363).
  5. Jersey City - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,303), Farmers ($1,401), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,485).
  6. Union City - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,352), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,704).
  7. Passaic- NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,404), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,770).
  8. Camden - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,404), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,765).
  9. Peterson - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,422), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,643).
  10. East Orange - NJ: NJ Skylands ($1,432), Farmers ($1,541), Norfolk & Dedham ($1,651).

Those are our ten best auto insurers around New Jersey that have been offering more affordable rates among others. Contact us to get free quotes for unlisted cities. More information: cheap auto insurance quotes in Texas.


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