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Cheapest Car Insurance in Ohio | Top 10 Companies

Car Junkie - Cheapest Car Insurance in Ohio - Today's cool news would be, "Who has / what's the cheapest car insurance in Ohio?". Ohio is a large state with abundant choices of auto insurance companies, while as other states in the U.S., the rates are also varying. After observing a few trusted resources we have finally found the top 10 providers offering the cheapest car insurance in Ohio.

The first cheapest one is GEICO, costs only $428 per year. Though the complaint ratio is not as lowest as its quotes, but GEICO is well known for the most friendly auto insurance company not only in Ohio, which means it costs very competitively along the United States. Second, USAA, affordably costs a driver about $527 annually. Farmers comes as the third cheapest with $630-per-year rate. The next cheapest one are Auto Owners ($654), State Farm ($665), American Family ($804), Ameriprise ($835), Allstate ($878), Liberty Mutual ($888) and the last cheapest one is Amica with $912. Find cheap insurance for Toyota Tundra here.

As you have seen that those 10 cheapest auto insurance companies provide you less than $1000. That's what we can call "affordable" for anyone. There are others also offering low prices such as California Casualty, Nationwide, MetLife and Mercury. They all have inexpensive quotes under $2,000.

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10 Providers in Ohio with the most affordable Auto Insurance Rates

One thing you should notice is that the mentioned rates above might come differently depending on which city you live in. When you live in a city with less population, especially countryside cities, the rates are relatively cheaper than other big cities with large populations. To give you more specific comparison, below we have listed a number of the cheapest auto insurance providers based on cities across the Ohio States.

As the biggest part of Ohio, Columbus is inhabited over 785,000 occupants. The annual rate average of auto insurance comes at $741, that means at least 7 to 9 percent more expensive compared with other big cities in the OH. Our analysis shows that the GEICO and USAA provide the most affordable. Based on our first data, this is relevant to it. So if you live in the Columbus City, consider these two companies.

Cleveland: The city is rated as one of the most expensive auto insurance charge. It averagely costs a driver $900 in one year, and Yes, it's higher than in Ohio. Some companies recommended would still be the USAA and GEICO, while Grande Mutual and State Farm are coming as the third and fourth cheapest insurers across the Cleveland City. The premium packages might come almost twofold higher than the regular ones.

The third biggest city with up to three hundred thousand inhabitants live in, the Cincinnati City has quite lower rates in terms of auto insurance compared to the two cities we have mentioned above with about $720 annually. Three companies to recommend are GEICO, USAA and Grange Mutual. Those companies provide about 30 percent cheaper than the average rates.

Akron: As the fourth biggest city in OH, the annual cost average stands at $800. Despite the city is not the largest part of Ohio, its auto insurance rates are somehow more expensive, even compared to the Columbus. Consider the three providers mentioned above.

Other cities with annual average rates: Brunswick ($556/year), Bowling Green ($580/year), Findlay ($570/year), Mentor ($594/year), Youngstown ($935/year), Lakewood ($917/year), Euclid ($920/year).

Those are the companies with the cheapest car insurance in Ohio and annual average rates of auto insurance from the 11 biggest cities in the Ohio State, now find the best for you.

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