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How Often Should You Change Your Car Engine Air Filter?

Car Junkie - How Often Should You Change Your Car Engine Air Filter - In many cases we have found that every car, in some parts, has a different recommended maintenance timetable, so as in the case of how often a car owner should change his car engine air filter. The air filter itself is indeed a crucial part of an engine, since without it the fuel will certainly get trouble burning. By several automakers like Hyundai and Ford, it's said that you should at least change your engine air filter by the time your car reaches thirty thousand miles, while a longer interval comes from Chevrolet, advised consumers to change their Chevy's engine air filters in every forty-five thousand miles.

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Experienced drivers seem to be aware better about this, checking the air filter condition regularly to make sure it's fine. Most engines have their filters easy to access, anyway. The easiest way to sign is by looking at the surrounding - when you find the edges get too blackened, now you may consider to replace the air filter.

The truth is that abundant stain around the filter will gradually suck the engine day by day. The worst might cause  your gasoline or diesel engine gets its performance downgraded. That dust can significantly damage the metal elements of the engine - gnawing at the key parts such as cylinders and bearings.

If we have to measure the time, in general, your engine air filter lasts at least a year. And sure, if you drive more rarely, it must end in two or even three years. Be aware in which some repair shops very often offer you to get a new air filter every time you have your car's oil changed. But the truth is that you have got that a few months back, for example, just shake it off.

A lot of research, however, has showed that a choked engine filter does not give any big issues to the fuel efficiency. Instead, it likely slows the engine down in acceleration up to 10 percent. While getting noticed by the  slower acceleration sounds a bit imaginary, so you won't probably realize it. In short, the best way to familiarize yourselves on how often you should change your car engine filter is by inspecting the filter regularly and paying attention to your manual book which can tell you when the air filter should be changed systematically.


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