Saturday, May 16, 2015

2016 Focus RS Firstly Debuts in American Specs | Video Show

Car Junkie - New First-ever 2016 Ford Focus RS to Impress Americans. Being manufactured there in Germany - a few months later ready to be available in early spring next year, the Ford Focus RS as the pioneer of American-spec version. The new 2016 Focus RS, however, has showed up at the NA show a couple weeks back. While we have understood how the car look - attracted or not it's just your judge.

ford focus rs
American-specs 2016 Ford Focus RS Video Show

It's the third-generation RS anyway, what matters is that this will be the first time for the company to start venturing in the North-America auto market over its RSs. Their goal is pretty clear for freshening the RS, that is, to set up a head-to-head war with Golf R and WRX STI.

Gaining engine updates with a 2.3L Turbo-charged (EcoBoost) 4-cylinder expected to grow up over 320 horsepower - joining AWD unit including a torque-vectored system. Its upgraded mechanism is mainly aimed to assist the 0-60 acceleration in less than 5 minutes, while all standards are available in 6-speed manual transmission. In addition to how much it costs, we have no more ideas on the weight (latest news said it's over 3230 pounds). The engine has actually been used to power the 2015 Mustang.

The revised chassis, meanwhile, is also expected to present faster acceleration combined with refined dampers, while the 2016 Focus RS won't lose its electric-directing mode. Officials also says to debut new tire designs specially for its new RS as they confirms that all base RSs available in 19" wheel. Interestingly for the exterior look, it's coming lower to add aggressive outlook. The brake components are updated as well as refining suspensions.

At the first show, we saw the car in dual blue, while there might be 4 different colors offered (grey, black and white). As an entry, the upcoming Focus RS seems to gain more tech controls that we might have never found in its elders - giving certain distinction to attract Americans. The stylish front should define what worth to own this new RS. So far we haven't got yet the pricing details or any estimation since Ford didn't confirm either, nor the production cost.


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