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All-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma Engine Specs | Interior and Features

Car Junkie - 2016 Toyota Tacoma Specs. In the previous review we learned the 2016 Tundra with which is planned to have a new Cummins diesel, now we are about to take a look at another new one from Toyota - that's all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma. It's been ages for Toyota building a big history on mastering mid-size pickup segment. Taco, as we all know to call, is ready for a great transformation. We should seemingly notice here that Toyota for the first time will include a mounted GoPro to the standard version of Tacoma. This action seems to be a proof of firmness that the automaker knows very well all what adventurers need, and now "let's go places".

Its tight competitors like GMC Canyon and the next-gen Chevy Colorado came in different styles and designs - have come to be true rivals and got Toyota to give some treats to the current Taco and bring it onto a higher level providing more advanced features and preferences. What we can see today is that Both Canyon and Colorado have been offering true conveniences and advanced systems of technology.

Toyota has not updated the Taco since it was launched ten years ago. Along the last decade the company sitting back over its best selling. Anything best, however, will sooner or later receive boredom its fans. Although no one seems to catch up the Taco's domination, it is going to be the best decision for update and refinement in any way. Scroll down and go through our brief reviews.

2016 toyota tacoma colors
2016 Toyota Tacoma Specs

Engine and Performance

The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma will adopt 3.5-liter V6 collaborated by six-speed transmission with and direct injection to displace the previous version (4.0L). The 2.7L 4-cyclinder engine is likely offered. If both engines come together, a few options may be offered; the V6 will be available in either automatic or manual 6-speed transmission, different from the 4-cylinder that is available in only automatic transmission. In addition, the D-4S port system is expected to be able to give more efficiency in delivering power. From those new systems Tacoma now likely to have its current 236-horsepower increased up to 270 or over. Toyota hasn't announced any further declaration for it, though. Let's look forward a bit to the fuel economy and power specs from the company. Despite the 2016 Tacoma keeps its overall body size, but some weight loss should still occur during the construction over higher-quality steel.

2016 toyota tacoma mpg
2016 Toyota Tacoma mpg

Interior and Features

Inside the cabin there will be smartphone integration programs and some amusing touchscreen display controls to provide more entertainment devices. As we have pointed out at the beginning, the windshield features a mounted GoPro camera to accomplish both on-road and off-road travels. Featuring up-to-date features such as Multi-terrain Select to give a better performance on any terrain by adjusting the rotary dial, CRAWL (a crawl control to help drivers improve in low-speed stability), BSM (blind spot monitor), a push-button-start mode and Qi wireless charging is available as well.

2016 toyota tacoma news
2016 Toyota Tacoma interior

Redesigns and Trims

Bringing up crew-cab styles the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma offers 5 grades of trims; SR (base-truck model) - SR5 (adding few exterior & exterior features for a better look) - Sport TRD and Off-road TRD (higher all-terrain capability and upgraded suspension) - limited model (entirely loaded). LED running lamps, leather upholstery, BSM and more will be the optional features.

2016 toyota tacoma release date
2016 Toyota Tacoma horespower

Price and Release Date

There is still no clear statement from Toyota concerning the pricing for the 2016 model year - it may cost the same as the today's Tacoma or a bit higher. The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma starts to debut next fall this year.
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