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6 Best 2015 Midsize Sedans with AWD, FWD and RWD

Car Junkie - Best 2015 Midsize Sedans - 2016 Dealing with abundant midsize sedan choices around along 2015, it's obviously complex to pick and put into the line of the best 2015 midsize sedans to buy, which ones should be include, and other options have sadly to be ruled out. But we do hope all would accept how it goes since this summary was taken from the most trusted resources. There is actually plenty stuff to consider - which is mainly according to pricing and performance. To become the best or the top, a midsize sedan must cover lots of things, it might be affordable under particular budget.

More specifically, the different preferences might happen along optional transmission whether automatic or manual - and outstanding hybrids playing around in the mid-size segment. As well as the drive systems starting from all-wheel drive (AWD) or 4-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive (FWD) units. Our list simply covers new cars only, so any used mid size sedans won't be included. And the following sedan cars we have collected will be put as the best midsize sedans to buy in 2015, specially in America and Canada based on consumer reports.

1) 2015 Ford Fusion

The Fusion as 2015 model year is well known for its impressive performance and appearance. It's so elegant and so gorgeous by taking a look at the body shape as well as the elements compiled. As far as we know this mid-size sedan's fans are impressively growing from time to time. Offering unlimited trim levels; ranging from front-wheel to all-wheel drive options, including the Ford Fusion Hybrids that are available in two models - the Ford Fusion can obviously reach consumers in almost all circles if we come to budget. The more precious mark might be that the Ford Fusion is becoming one of the most preferable 4-door midsize sedans under $25,000 today.

best midsize sedan mpg
best midsize sedan cars

MSRP: $22,010
MPG  : 22/city 34/hwy (standard) -  44/city 41/hwy (Hybrid)

2) 2015 Honda Accord

It's been for years Honda Accord leading the mid-size sedan markets, and still holding on through the tight stage. Honda Accord, particularly, provides nearly perfect performance in all parts - giving out creditable handling with easy-to-use tech features the Honda Accord is truly worth best 2015 mid size sedan. Not spot right there, the Accord Hybrid itself has turned to the victor, specifically, dealing with fuel efficiency over its reliable 4- and 6-cylinder engines. Honda Accord plug-in hybrid model is available as well.

best midsize sedan awd
best midsize sedan hybrid

MSRP: $22,105
MPG : 27/city 36/hwy

3) 2015 Mazda 6

For some people, or might be more common, when they they think of a mid-size sedan with sweetest styling what jumps into mind is likely the Mazda 6. Indeed, the car has a very competitive exterior outlook, anything comes is just gathers in an adorable layout. As becomes the best Mazda 6 doesn't merely offer beauty, in fact, it serves you over excellent driving controls which are always capable in nearly all circumstances.

best small sedan to buy
best affordable midsize sedan

MSRP: $21,190
MPG  : 28/city 40/hwy

4) 2015 Nissan Altima

Well, it sounds useless to put any reasons why the Nissan Altima should be one of the best four-door sedans. It's easy to point the key answer out as the 2015 Altima is already standing in the lineup of the 2015 best-selling cars in the U.S. Serving splendid driving experiences with comfortable, handy treats inside. There is no compromise for fuel economy as well as capability.

best midsize sedan consumer reports
best mid size sedan in America

MSRP: $22,300
MPG : 27/city 38/hwy

5) 2015 Hyundai Sonata

If you have never driven this midsize sedan, or already with the old one, but pretty unsatisfied on a certain part or more, you should make a try with the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata. It's received abundant refinements and of course, fully redesigned. It has given out an impression to many owners since lots of new features and equipment offered. It's a roomy, convenient midsize sedan around with remarkable capability. One word to end is, "Charming".

best midsize sedan comparison
best midsize sedan under $25,000

MSRP: 21,150
MPG : 28/city 38/hwy

6) 2015 Toyota Camry

And again we are facing one of the best-selling midsize sedan, and practically, taking place for years. The car becomes (more) best in accord with 2015 redesign as it should be. The current models even make a big offer in conjunction with comprehensive changes received. Upgraded suspension, refined packaging and imperatively high-class materials sculpted alongside the interior. That's what should to consider from the Camry as the best driving midsize sedan.

edmunds car and driver
best midsize sedan Canada

MSRP: 22,970
MPG  : 25/city 35/hwy
Location: United States


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