Tuesday, December 06, 2016

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser: The Evolution of Engine and Powertrain

The current model of the Land cruiser might be a bit disappointed since it changes from the off-road basic machine into something a little bit more unaffordable. It starts at $85.000 and even more expensive than its Lexus counterpart. The next land cruiser is expected to solve the problem of the current model. It is expected to give much offer to the consumers, especially off-road community. The newly model of land cruiser seems to offer more features such as larger cabin, cozy and stylish interior, and solid performance with a variety of engine, worthy price and more technological features. Go here for new Highlander.

2018 land cruiser spy shots


“Understand” might become the best word to say about the current model of land cruiser. For the next model, we expect that it will follow this design type closely. However, it can help its marketing as good as it did. The evolution of the design may be seen in the current land cruiser but somehow we expect more than that. First thank to its body design, the latest Land Cruiser is expected to be lower than before while to be similarly long and wide. To be able to lift the car and help it go fast in any type of terrain, some suggest adding an air suspension system.

Interior and Exterior

Some reports that the new Land cruiser will come up with some new features for interior. Even they are not too different with the current model; at least they will be satisfying enough. The new Land Cruiser will present 8-way passenger seat and 10-way power driver seat. Bucket front seat, height adjustable seat for driver and passenger will come along too. Leather upholstery will fit for elegant interior design. While enjoying passenger seat, we can read along the journey sitting on a foldable read seats with storage center armrest. Some other features are hands-free entry, heated mirrors, rear ventilation ducts that has fan control, adaptive cruise control, 4 one – touch power window, front and rear parking sensors, power steering, side, front and also rear camera, telescopic steering wheel and so on. Not all the design has evolved; however, Land Cruiser still looks as well as always.

toyota land cruiser v8 2018

Engine and Transmission

In this case, it is possible to see the new V6 or V8 powertrain that may be smaller and more efficient than the previous engine 5.7-liter V8. Besides, helped by turbocharging, the next generation of Land cruiser can make little bit more power than before. Hybrid system and the lower total weight of the car itself can help Land Cruiser easily return better MPG than its other competitors. However, it is still unknown yet what kind of platform that Toyota will use. So far, we expect the change is for the better future. We may hope that Land Cruiser is going to be back to its nature to be cheaper, more efficient, and cozy for any type of terrain.

At last, the next generation of Toyota land Cruiser 2018 seems to give an offer for true luxury crossover power and efficiency. We may be offered by a new V6 or V8 powertrain that may be more efficient and smaller than the previous. Overall, the consumers expect Land Cruiser will change so much better.
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