Sunday, December 04, 2016

The New Toyota Highlander: Robust, Elegant & Fashionable!

Since it is updated for the Highlander model of 2016 with fresh look and new engine, it is the as it was back in 2013 since it was launched. However, the highlander is going to release the new and fresh model for 2018. We may thank to improving sales that Toyota does not decide to stop the previous model because it was achieved with bold design and also hard work that paid off. Even though, it is just five years after the previous model released, it has to permit Toyota to make them ahead of the pack.
new pricing for 2018 highlander

As it is known that highlander is fashionable and sturdy family car that can cope with rough terrain and extreme weather, it is also fuel economical. With wide cargo area and eight seats can be one of the alternatives for crossover car. This current highlander is going to use K platform like their larger cars and crossovers. Some said Toyota may work on modular chassis. If it is so, transverse-front-engine cars will use it. Since it will decrease the base underpinnings with some body changes, this car may be lighter.

Besides the Engine, interior and exterior of the car is more than important to discuss. The new 2018 highlander is expected to attract the consumers with its elegant and eye-catching exterior. It will be completed with fashionable and strong front bumper and fresh grille style. For an easy cooling engine, the significant airway will incorporate the grille. To have a comfortable driving in all kinds of weathers, the new highlander will come up with modern technology of LED lighting for indicators and headlights. Also, to allow this car handle all sort of field with no strain, it will own chrome rooftop with 9-inched wheels that is accentuated with aluminum alloy rims.

interior redesign for 2018 toyota highlander

Consumers might be amazed of what this crossover presents for the interior. 4 quality upholstery seats from leather material and spacious first two seats in the first row with adjustable mechanism will make the driver feel so much cozy. Time to drop your sight to the dashboard and look at the newly technology attached, they include a rearview camera, eight inch touchscreen, satellite radio and also automatic weather update. Do not upset when you take journey with this crossover. It is installed with high quality sound system that is featured with 6 digital speakers will accompany you along the journey. Some luxurious devices that can be considered are Bluetooth connectivity, automatic air conditioner, Wi-Fi, and smartphone connector. Besides, there are still comfort abilities that are offered such as, auto parking assistance, airbags, air curtains and cruise control.

Even the newest Toyota Highlander 2018 has no exact launching date, Consumers hope it is going to be released by the end of 2017 or at least at the early months of 2018. The estimated price is $36. 461 and of course, this price will depend on the type and various specs offered by the new 2018 highlander. Are you interested in having this stylish crossover in your garage? See the old Tundra.
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